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Thread: Block rating vs Block value

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    Block rating vs Block value

    I have searched the forums and have had trouble finding information on this topic. Could someone explain the difference between block value and block rating? If they are good stats to stack ect. There seems to be alot of gear with it on but i dont know the value of it like I do with hit,expertise, doge ect. I appreciate the help.

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    Block rating = improves your % chance to block
    Block value = determines how much damage you actually reduce from incoming damage WHEN you block.

    Neither are very optimal to stack when playing a warrior unless it's for specific boss fights or trash sets, and or pvp.

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    Like, Kaz said above, block rating is like expertise rating, defense rating etc. It increases your chance of success in that area. Block value determines how much you actually block when you block an incoming attack.

    Lets say you block an attack of 1000 damage. Normally you'd take the 1000 damage. If your block value was 500, you'd only take the last 500 damage, ignoring the first 500 that you blocked.

    But unlike the other stats I mentioned, these do not push anything off the melee hit table. Just says how high a chance you have at blocking attacks, and how much you do block.
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    If you wanted to stack any of the block stats i would go for shield block value, as it increases the dmg of your Shield Slam.

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    Block rating can be all but ignored - it's not a bad stat, it's just that every other defensive stat is better.

    Block value is used mostly as a threat stat as far as I know, and there too other options are better.

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