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    I feel a little stuck with my paladin, ive spent countless hours on here and EJ trying to tweak my paladin to be better. I can currently Throw ~5k tps (I personally feel this is really low for my gear, and still manage to lose aggro to warlocks), Now I dont get hit alot, so I feel like I can sacrifice some of my avoidance for more threat/life/Mitigation (sadly rng drops hate me 83 runs and counting and no Black heart).

    My biggest concern is Threat, as with the looming threat reductions to paladins (I know they arent big, but i want to be able to compensate for them before they happen). Sadly changing professions is not an option for me(I'm my guilds Elixir master and yes rng hates me here too, but on the upside I am ALWAYS flasked (yes I waste flasks on heroics)).

    My secondary concern is that in later stage hardmodes my life/armor just isnt going to be high enough to cover the amount of incoming damage, while I have been stam stacking, would stacking defense aswell (yay green gems with def/stam) be a better solution to increase my overall survivability?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Couple of things.
    1. Talent Spec:
    This is the spec I reccommend, drop the points out of holy and Vindication (a nice talent against bosses yes, but since you are having threat issues other crit/dmg increasing talents are a plus) and put those into Crusade and Conviction.

    2. One thing you might think about, is using a BV libriam like LoO or Sacred Shield for threat intensive fights, I'm no mathematician, but you have plenty of dodge and I think the added BV will do something for your threat values.

    Your gear looks pretty good. Healthy hit and AP so I'm not completely sure what the low threat is coming from, but i think those talent improvements at least will help somewhat. From my recount logs, SoV is like 10% of threat or something, where you could have 6% more dmg done against humanoids/demons/undead/elementals which pretty much covers all the bases in raids, and 3% crit.

    Good luck tanking, and I hope some of this is relevant/helps

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    Make sure your using the rotation. That helps a lot. It increased my threat when I started to use it. It's crazy actually because I can pull threat off anyone in my guild, and I'm one of the worst geared tanks. Bad thing is I have a gear score over 2600 >.>

    Only advice I have though xD

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    Complaining about threat but using 18stam on gloves? :/

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