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Thread: Tanking Check for ToC 10man

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    Tanking Check for ToC 10man

    Looking to start tanking some ToC 10 mans, but don't want to wait until I'm getting spit on before I found out my gear is too weak for it. Greatly appreciated if people can take a look at my gears/gems/spec/glyphs to see if I missed anything. Thank you all very much in advance.

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    Eh, ToC10 is easier than Ulda10. You're way overgeared.

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    Your spec is fine, your gear is fine, your glyphs could really use some work. You have enough hit rating that you really shouldn't worry about the taunt glyph that much (until you get the better gear that doesn't have hit rating) and you should replace shockwave with deva glyph.

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