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Thread: Unsure of where to take my gear next =s

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    Unsure of where to take my gear next =s

    Right so ive been playing wow for about a month now after taking a 8-9month break, 2 weeks into that month the guild i joined asked me to gear up for raiding, so ive farmed and farmed Heroics to the point where im bordering on there being no more gear before raids to get.

    Im sitting on 221 conquest badges and 54 triumph

    Gear as follows: Armory Profile

    In my bags i have T8.5 gloves, gloves from Totc, and bracers from 10man FL

    I have been fiddling with Rawr to try and optimise current gear and any upgrades i could purchase. (dunno if people are familier with it)

    Main problems are wether i should be going for Avoidance or EH

    I have the suspicion im currently mixing EH, Avoid and Threat gear
    and should really be looking to sort out indevidual sets.

    We havent even downed 10man naxx yet due to the guild being new and people not showing up =s so progression for gear is potentially slow.

    So any Advice on which sets the items i have correlate too, which stats i should be focusing on, and what gear i should be getting next to either fill out my 3 sets of gear.

    Atmo im doing Hcs and daily for badges along with 10/25man Voa and OS Pugs

    Thanks in advance for any help people can can provide.

    Update: Gemmed and enchanted T8.5 Gloves and FL Bracers =)
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    Bump anybody?

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    The non-tier helmet from the triumph vendor is pretty nice but overall, your gear/spec looks pretty good for the content you are running.

    A few things though - you're well over the hit cap and slightly under the expertise soft cap so you might want to see if you can swap some gear around pursuant.

    As a general rule, gear with +expertise, +hit and +strength itemization are going to be for your threat set while gear with extra armor (it'll show up as green text) lots of gem slots, and lots of dodge and/or parry will be better suited to eh (avoidance

    I wouldn't worry too much about creating specific EH/Avoidance gearing if Naxx is your guild's current focus. If you guys decide to get into Ulduar, you can swap those blue quality gems for epics and give yourself a health boost - I know it hurts to regem I-lvl 200 gear and generally I found that favored EH over avoidance for Ulduar.

    You can also spend some badges to get a new cloak.

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    Your well enough geared for naxx10 and even 25.

    I would put the 22 defense enchant on your chest and replace 2 defense gems with stam ones. This will lower your overall defense by ~2 skill (10 rating), yet up your stam by 20 pts or 200 hp (with blue gems, more with epic ones). Small upgrade here tho.

    Triumph badges are probably best spent on the ring. Vene has a great post on triumph emblem selection order if your interested over at TankingTips.com - A guide to tanking as a Warrior in World of Warcraft

    As previously posted I would ditch some hit (8% is the cap) and get soft capped expertise (6.5% your close!) at the least. I'm a huge fan of high expertise.

    A cloak would be a significant help for ya.

    I would never gem parry. -Don't worry too much about socket bonus' unless they are stamina. For red and yellow sockets try and use def/stam or expertise (or dodge) / stam.

    I'm not a huge fan of glyph of blocking, I much prefer the glyph of vigilance.

    Try and get away from socketing for defense, it's tough in your case as your weapon, one ring, and both trinkets don't have defence.

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