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Thread: Does my gear look ready to tank uld 10 or toc?

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    Does my gear look ready to tank uld 10 or toc?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    armory hasnt updated the 8.5 boots i just got but hows the spec and any advise you could dish out would be most apreceated.
    also im sitting on 540 def is there a number i should be looking for for def rating? 691?
    thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure about ToC, but Ulduar should be possible - some fights you can maintank, and you should be able to handle offtank duty quite well.
    (Good knowledge of the fight helps a lot.)

    As it stands, I'm gonna say this about defense: The more the better.
    I get almost as much pure avoidance from defense as I get from dodge rating, (within a few percent, in fact,) and I consider the avoidance from defense to be quite a bit better then that from dodge. Part of the defense avoidance is parry, which has it's advantages, and part of it is miss, which is the best avoidance there is since it works from the rear and while stunned (I think) or casting.
    So, the more defense the better, and never ever go under 5.6% critical strike chance reduction.

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    Your gear is more than fine for Ulduar and ToC 10.

    In regards to your spec... since you're not going into the third tier of the Ret tree you may as well take the second point out of Improved Judgements and stick it elsewhere (like filling out Divinity).
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