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Thread: DPS gearing help

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    DPS gearing help

    Hey guys, so I've been researching and reading into DPS gear for my warrior. So far I think I've managed to do well without getting a lot of Naxx 10 gear. Basically how I'm trying to gear him is through emblems of conquest at the moment since my tanking spec is maxxed out when it comes to conquest emblems.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Anyway I was thinking the first thing I should do is actually replace my leggings with Valorous Dreadnaught Legplates - Item - World of Warcraft for the expertise from gear, then replace my expertise gems with strength gems. I also know I should get Edge of Ruin - Item - World of Warcraft from H ToC, as well as Spiked Titansteel Helm - Item - World of Warcraft from blacksmithing to replace my current helm for hit rating and meta gem. What other things could I do to improve my gear without running 10man or 25man raids?

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    Anyone have any advice they could give me?

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    Well, first of all, haste is a very bad stat for arms. Only improvement you'll see on that is your white damage increases and rage generation goes up. Drop the haste for better stats.

    The Hemmorgaing Band is an awsome pre-raiding ring, from H Gun'Drak. It's got Expertise, allowing you to drop atleast 1, maybe even 2, of your expertise gems, in favor of str.

    In light of your helmet, I would suggest getting the Belt of Singing Blade, from conquest emblems. Only costs like 30 of them and is a HUGE upgrade, mainly allowing you to safely drop your titansteel helm for the epicness that is Tier 8.5 sitting at 58 emblems.

    Eventually your gonna want to get hooked up with the Tier 8.5 Chest piece as well (another 58 emblems), netting you with another awsome piece and your two set bonus.

    As for your cloak, the Hammerhead Shark Cloak is a big upgrade for you, to bring you some needed +crit. It costs just a small amount of 25 valor emblems and has a heathly amount of +crit on it for you.

    For your legs, pick up the Tier 7.5 legs, as they have good stats on them, allowing you to drop all your expertise gems, and (if you wish) drop your hands for the Bladebreaker gloves from emblems.

    This is what I would prioritize getting in terms of emblem usage:

    #1. Belt of the singing blade------------58 Conqeust
    #2. Tier 8.5 Helmet---------------------58Conquest
    #3. Tier 8.5 Chest (might be more worth it to pickup the cloak first)------58 Conquest
    #4. Tier 7.5 Legs-------------75 Valor
    #5. Bladerbreaker Gloves----------28 Conquest
    #6. Hammerhead Shark Cloak-------------25 Valor

    Don't think I missed anything.... hehe feel free to point it out if I did :P There are a couple loop holes, one in particular, is when you do happen to get to step #5, is making up the 33 hit rating you'd lose from dropping your gloves. I've gotta jam out, so I'll either think of something, or leave that piece upto you when you get there :P

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    Cool, thx for the advice. That sounds like a good plan. However crit is not much of a problem now as I JUST got the Edge of Ruin and now have more 6% more crit (specialization and crit strike from the weapon), but I do want to get that belt. Now since I am short of the hit cap, but can make up for it with hit rating food. Also I prefer the cloak I have on now for the strength, despite the haste.

    So should I replace my band of frosted thorns with the hemorrhaging circle from H gundrak?

    BTW the belt only costs 28 badges. Also with that plan laid out, I'll be 27 hit rating short, lol (including the hit rating gem I'll lose when I change gloves).

    You know, I think I realized this discussion can turn into a "non-raid gear set for DPS warriors" guide once it's all together. It would help maximize a warrior player's DPS without the need to run PUG'd raids if your off-spec is DPS.

    PS: Is steady 3k DPS self-buffed good against a heroic training dummy for my gear level?

    PSS: Why is haste bad?

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    Haste is bad because it only increases your white weapon dps and does nothing at all for your special attacks.

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    Well then it's not considered BAD, and I shouldn't try to avoid it entirely, just not actively gear or gem for it.

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    So I figured since the leggings are the most expensive I'll go with those first. Then I'll do the chest, then helm. Not sure if I wanna do gloves right away, otherwise I'll be back to my expertise and hit shortage again.

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