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Thread: Some basic DW mechanics...

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    Some basic DW mechanics...

    So, after avoiding DKs for sooo long, it finaly came time to make one. As I don't have any DW class yet, I decided to pursue the 0/53/18 DW build as frost... My questions, as DW newbie are these:

    1) What runes to use on MH/OH while leveling? Razorice and Cinderglacier? And if yes, which one on MH and what on OH?

    2) What is the mechanics for OH procs? Is it same on hit chance as MH, or nerfed down?

    Thanks for replies!

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    I don't know a ton about the mechanics of DW, but I throw Fallen Crusader on mainhand and razorice on the offhand. I don't know what level your DK is, but you need 70 for Fallen Crusader.

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    Well for MH,OH you use Fallen Crusader/Razorice respectevly. For your weapon choices slow/slow is the way to go. For the sigil Awareness is the best.
    I believe the proc rate is the same between oh and mh.

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