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Thread: Threat Help

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    Threat Help

    I'm main spec resto and I have been building my bear gear for a while now as my guild would like a feral tank. Well, last night my guild threw me into the fire and had me tank in 25 man ToC. My survivibilty was ok(I actually lived thru 8 stacks of impale at 22k a tick), could be our healers are just good too.

    However, my threat was horrible. I was probably around 3-4k tps and I know was capping our dps. If we didn't have a rogue and 3 hunters MDing me I would have never held aggro I don't think. Now my Prot pally, whom I know is a bit OP when it comes to threat does around 7k-8k+ without even blinking. My druid I was scrambling to get up on omen.

    So, what am I doing wrong. Did I gear or gem wrong? Are my talents screwy? The 'rotation' I'm using is FF to pull, then mangle, lacerate to 5 stacks and then spamming my swipe/maul macro, mangle when its up, and FF when its up. Reapplying lacerate just to keep the 5stack dot on.

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    Thanks for any help!

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    Talent and gemming seems fine. Make sure you are using maul on every single autoattack. Macro it into a mangle, FF and lacerate if needed. And if you are spamming swipe make sure you dont cancel maul by mistake /cast !maul will help you with that iirc.

    At the pull when the mob reached you and given you one blow you should pop berserk use manglefor the first 15 secs to get some good initial threat. And make sure berserk is on CD.

    Instead of eating the feast you could try to eat hit food to reach hit cap. It is very easily farmed of the wolves in some of the Stormpeak caves. Other than that I cant see any problems with your gear/rotation assuming you actually keep mangle/FFF on cd.

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    A few things I would change on your talents:

    Get Rid of KoJ and IW and Put those talents in Natrual Shapeshifter then Master Shapeshifter. It will help you do a bit more damage and help on threat.

    Your gear looks alright, but I would try and get a bit more crit from gear (dont gem for it).

    For rotation, I usually use FFF to pull, Mangle and queue maul, lacerate one, maul lacerate 2 mangle, lacerate 3 maul lacerate 4 maul, mangle, lacerate 5. I never just stack lacerate by itself it seems my initial threat doesnt jump up as much when I do that. I also have the talents into improved mangle so the CD is a bit less.

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