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Thread: T9 4p - New type of tanking? Or not?

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    T9 4p - New type of tanking? Or not?

    While people are debating the use of block as a way to mitigate damage, and wether or not it is worth the ilvl value that blizzard has deemed it (due to the 4 piece and recent buff) and the recent critical block buff, instead, I'm focusing on what the 4piece and buff bring to the table on the larger picture.

    Glyphed and specced for it, Last stand, and Shield wall are on a 2 minute cooldown, as are your /use trinkets. Enraged regeneration, potion, and healthstone are either on a 2 minute cooldown but impractical to use every 2 minutes, or not on a 2 minute cooldown.

    Has anyone yet conceptualized, thought of, and mathcrafted the use of the 2 minute cycle blizzard has obviously given us with this set?

    Seconds Event

    0-10 Shield Block

    10-22 Shield wall

    22-30 Blind spot - no cd.

    30-40 Shield Block

    40-60 Trinket 1

    60-70 Shield Block

    70-90 Last stand

    90-100 Shield block

    100-120 Trinket 2

    Obviously after the 120 second mark you rinse and repeat the cycle having full uptime on cooldowns.

    Now, there are perks and drawbacks to this system obviously, evening out the spike damage would obviously be the plus, since combined with the shield block t9 bonus and the recent shield block / critical block buff I've seen block reports of people getting 8k blocks (without wearing obscene block gear), and on off blocks obviously getting a 4k (with shield block up). Trinket 1 and Trinket 2 are likely going to be the weakest points in the rotation, as they obviously do not have the power to be near as powerful as a 40% dmg reduction or 30% max health buff, and with limited off use cooldowns (Only enraged regen, potion, and healthstone) - we would be more reliant on external cooldowns (Guardian spirit and pain suppression would do wonders helping out in those gaps). However... would the total damage reduction be worth it?

    Has anyone worked on the math for a cooldown based warrior since the t9 4piece? Or is it something people are still conceptualizing?
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    Just realized there would be an 8 second blind after shield wall. My bad, 12s durration.

    But still, that just gives a good place to drop external cooldowns (Or take as much damage as you are normally now)

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