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Thread: ArP or Strength

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    ArP or Strength

    Looking for help with ArP versus Strength. (I say this due to the number of str. gems I have)

    At what point do I begin concentrating on ArP over Strength?
    I am a fury tauren warrior.

    I have read so many of the threads here I know the importance of Strength; Crit; Hit; Exp and Arp. Currently, my on-line paper doll window; un-buffed says:

    Str = 1656
    Crit = 36.06
    Hit = 308
    Exp = 29
    ArP = 14.61%
    AP = 4661

    I know I could lower some of those stats slightly but my gear won't let me. Exam: My Exp would drop too low or my Hit drops below the cap. And even then, the ArP goes up only slightly. With this in mind, how important is ArP for a fury warrior?

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    Not to sound like a broken record but get yourself Landsoul's spreadsheet and answers (or at least well considered suggestions) will magically appear. If you are really looking to pimp your toon, this is the route to go.

    ArP is one of those:great when you hit the threshold type stats. The value of ArP goes up as you stack it (up to a certain point). For me I found that if I hit about 33% passive ArP through general gearing, then it made sense to gem for ArP cause the SEP on ArP>STR. Long story short: get Landsoul's sheet. Based on what you have up here, your STR gems are still best unless you have some gear hanging out in a bank slot that you can mix/match against.

    P.S. I found that I could run Expertise down at 22 (human w axes) and make up the difference with Rhinolicious Wrymsteak (40 exp/stam). It was simply the most efficient distribution of SEP I could come up with.

    PPS - lazy warriors eat fish feasts. I unfortunately know far too many of them.

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    If you didn't see, 3.2.2 has an ArP nerf built into it. Any math out for ArP right now is going to be thrown out the window with the next patch. If this is a request for a long term gearing strategy then you should probably factor that in.

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    Even with the nerf the basics still apply for gearing. The only thing that will change is the break point for switching to pure arp

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