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Thread: Diminishing Returns

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    Diminishing Returns

    Well as of late my gear level has been climbing at a unpresident rate, I seem to be getting my gear upgraded almost faster then i can enchant it.. Now dont get me wrong this is not a bad thing but it does cause me to think about something i have never had to worry about before.. That something being Diminishing Returns dum dum dum... lol Now i did a lil poking around with the search featurn on these forums but i really cant find all the info i need to base my gemming and enchanting needs off of.

    Now then what im praying that all you wonderfull fellow tanks can help me with is 1. is there a dodge cap? if so what is it? is there a soft cap?

    2. is there a parry cap? is so what is it? is there a soft cap?

    3. what exactly is diminishing returns? is there a math formula for me to fallow?

    4. If train A leaves cleaveland at 3pm traveling south at 77 mph, and train b leaves new york at 3:45pm traveling west at 118 mph, What time does grandma Jane have to take her Glaucoma med's on train c heading north out of san francisco

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    Looks up at top of page:

    Anyways, there's your answer all before Kazey comes to lock this thread!

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