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Thread: Heroic 10 Man Northrend Beasts (post ur strat)

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    Heroic 10 Man Northrend Beasts (post ur strat)

    I'm looking for strategies for 10 man heroic northrend beasts and what kind of classes and spec of classes that have been working for your guild also the timers for each phase. Also what's the the min dps you found required to get the bosses down in time

    thanks appreciate any help and I'm sure plenty will read any help u can offer

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    There are some tricks to getting this.... and I'll cover a few.

    First, having a pally tank is HUGE. The first boss TRUCKS the tanks... but also leaves a stacking bleed debuff called impale. The tanks should switch at 2 stacks, with about 5-7 seconds left on their old stack.

    After Sapphires (pally tank) and I would each have a turn (I would go first), I would take the third rotation, and he would take the fourth. Instead of me taking the fifth, he would stack his debuffs to 3 and then immediately bubble them off. I would get aggro for a second and he would taunt it back.

    In this scenario, instead of the healers having to heal both the tank getting slammed, the bleed AND the other tanks bleed, his stack would be gone, mine would drop off and I would taunt when Sapph got to 2 stacks again. I would generally get one more and then it was over. I would ALWAYS use indestructable potions before the pull, as you are not in combat until right before the doors open and the boss runs in. Then use one later in the fight. I popped my trinket on my first turn....., used last stand on my second one and used shield wall on my third. This allows for last stand to be back on the worms, about half way through the first "up" time (assuming you have glyphed and talented both 2 min cd's).

    Second, we two healed this. I realize that this is a COMPLETE nightmare for the healers, but our three heal attempts lacked the dps to finish the event. Deeder (priest) went disc, which is big because you get preventative heals and then you need an AOE healer (we switched between Saccapoo and Khak, both resto shammy's).

    In phase II, we have the tanks stay with their respective worm, even after burrows (little trick, if you have the hunter use hunters mark, you can see where the worm is going while underground and we found that helpful). You know which is yours because if you had the worm that was rooted before, you now have the one on top and being kited. Tank them near each other, and if anyone gets the poison debuff EXCEPT a tank, they are responsible for running toward the person with fire. Generally, when the other tank got it (me), Sapphires would strafe to get it to me. We found that the whirl damage and the fire damage that was an AOE to the rest of the group was not that serious, so we built a strategy ignoring these abilities. You dont have to kite the first worm a lot since Acidmaw is dying first, so there is no melee to worry about (different if you have split dps and are going for acheivement). The second one you have to kite, but ours died within 20 seconds of the second "up" phase.

    Phase II is about survival. You have to keep everyone alive. If anyone gets sprayed with the breath weapon besides a tank, its a death. Druid buff is strong here for resistance. Also, when Acidmaw dies, Dreadscale trucks so you have to really be on the tank for heals AND you have to avoid incidental damage as any distraction for the healers is bad news.

    Generally, we have about 15% left on Dread when Icehowl would show up. Stay on the worm and the other tank gets Ice to the center of the room.

    Once the worm is down, Phase III is a straight burn. We noticed that after he hit the wall three times, he enraged, so I dont know if its a straight timer or if he does his wall thing at specific times. After the third time, he will enrage and you wont have a ton of time to get him down. We saved bloodlust for when he was stunned in phase III. Shattering throw, etc.

    A trick to moving in time that we used is this. Point your camera along the wall and hold both buttons down. When he lets you go, you wont go that exact direction, but if you move the mouse at all, it will adjust you and you can maxumize your escape time to avoid the charge.

    We found that if you keep everyone alive and you can avoid the crashes, you can have him down before his third stun phase (as we did last night). If not, you will really be pressing to beat the enrage timer.

    We tried Jax a few times and found him to be MUCH easier.... just a matter of getting the practice on it. Blizz did a good job of tuning these things.... I'm looking forward to finishing it!

    Good luck!
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    our raid composition was:
    Paladin Tank
    Deathknight Tank
    Paladin Heal
    Holy Priest
    Resto Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman

    Gormok is BY FAR the hardest part of the Northrend Beats Encounter. He hits like Algalon on steroids. 2 Pallys are really good for this encounter because we could remove the Impale-Debuff twice. Both tanks used the common rotation, were in max. EH-Equip and used every cooldown including IBF, Armor-Flasks just before the fight started, Hand of Sacrifice, Aura Mastery (for more armor), Guardian Spirit etc.
    We had a very dot-heavy group, we were able to kill the snowbolds fast enough by just having our shadow priest, warlock and boomkin put every dot they had on them. When we killed Gormok, Acidmaw just spawned. 1 kobold was still left on the druid healer, we ignored him as the damage he does is not that high and the Druid could still cast his instants. We killed him with some dots when Acidmaw was dead.

    The 2 worms are easy. Dont let them spit into the group, remove the debuffs very fast, burn Acidmaw with heroism and just tank through the enrage (should be no problem with 3 healers). Our dps was quite good but still, Icehowl joined the fight while Dreadscale still had 11% left.

    Icehowl takes a very high amount of dmg due to his stupidity to run into the colisseum wall. He shouldnt pose any threat regarding the enrage-timer. Again, our 5 caster setup was really nice as we could start dpsing him immidiately after he crashed into the wall. We had our DPS put as much dots as possible on Icehowl just before he started his combo, this ensured that he would take max. dmg due to the dots still ticking when the 100% dmg-debuff applied. He went down without any problems, we used the frost-aura to prevent some dmg and the tanks used their cooldowns again.

    I had around 47k HP during the fight, the Deathknight had 46k HP, we didnt do any hardmodes before and we havent cleared the lolosseum on 25 man. Still, this fight is more than doable,it took us 5 tries.
    Every DD did like 5k DPS during the whole fight (granted, we had the perfect caster group with a LOT of support) and it went pretty smoothly, although I can understand that some people prefer a 2 heal-2 tank-6 dps setup.
    The healers said that once Gormok is dead, the fight becomes very boring, as neither the 2 worms nor Icehowl do THAT much dmg.

    If you are able to beat the Northrend Beasts, Jaraxxus and the Faction Champs are soooooooo easy,so make sure to kill them asap :P

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    The Horror!

    My guild attempted this last night and we didn't do so hot. We had a Pally and Druid tanks, Priest and Shaman healers, 3 Mages, shadow priest, DK, and Hunter. After 5-7 attempts and epically failing, we switched to A pally and warrior tank, Druid and Priest (disc) heals, 3 mages, DK, Hunter, and Shadow priest. We have the strat down, and the ppl are well geared for the fight.... I think our group make up is killing us though, any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteorius View Post
    My guild attempted this last night and we didn't do so hot. We had a Pally and Druid tanks, Priest and Shaman healers, 3 Mages, shadow priest, DK, and Hunter. After 5-7 attempts and epically failing, we switched to A pally and warrior tank, Druid and Priest (disc) heals, 3 mages, DK, Hunter, and Shadow priest. We have the strat down, and the ppl are well geared for the fight.... I think our group make up is killing us though, any suggestions?
    Try using 3 healers. If your dps are good enough you should have him down just in time.

    If you get a healer in to replace a mage, pref a pally for the extra pally buff, a shaman dps in for another mage for heroism, and another melee like a rogue or warr in for the spriest. That would give you more of a balanced set up.

    You had too many clothies. In the 1st phase of this encounter clothies get totally raped by snobolds. However, a balance of melee + ranged are needed because of the Jormungers in the 2nd fight.

    When battling the new content you need to take a balanced mixture of classes and specs in order to get the most out of the various buffs the game has to offer. Taking 3 mages wouldn't be utilizing the mechanics and seems like a waste.

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    We use 3 Healers. We had one palatank in the first trys, but we did the kill with with warrior/druid.

    In Gormok we did a 2-stack rotation (sometimes 3 maybe), in the last couple taunts we used CDs on every impale (I'll say Impale 7+). We asigned 2 people to snobolds, and a third helped only when one of the asigned people had a snobold or was a healer.

    Is better to have a snobold alive if you can't kill Gormok fast enough. You can always kill the snobold in the wyrm spawn animation or while the tanks get some threat (specially the ranged one).

    In the wyrms, we used a ranged tank on the burrowed one (spriest) and both tanks on the other one. We focused Acidmaw, and the tanks on Dreadscale rotated the boss and focused on clean the paralityc debuff with the burning bile. On the 2nd transition you need to have Acidmaw down, and on the third you'll need to have Dreadscale at least at ~20% (if you have heroism up, if you used it, dead).

    On Icehowl, if you are heavy on melee, try to tank with the the back of the boss to a wall, so the knockback doesn't put the melee at 60+ yards of the boss. This helps also because you have a few seconds to react to the aoe to the wall as he goes to the center and everyone can look at his HP and use potion/hs/cooldowns if needed.

    For the charge is simple, look at your right and left, choose a place where there are no pillars or stuff like that, and keep down the strafe key, Q or E if you didnt keybind something there. You need to have too much ping to play anyway if you fail doing this. Use heroism in the first charge as you'll have everyone alive. Use misdirection, tricks of the trade, etc, on the tank during stuns, or he will lose threat, and you can't taunt Icehowl (it will be hotfixed tough).
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    Since the changes in the patch (less damage on tanks in P1 and a longer enrage timer) if your 10-man group can do over 3500+ each on this encounter it is possible to do it with 3 healers now and 2 tanks.

    Raid Composition:

    2 Hunters
    Shaman (Enhance)

    2 Priests

    This allowed for all 10 people to be alive during the 3rd phase and enough dps to get there without any overlap of Acid/Dread into where Icehowl came through the door.
    Also with the extra .5secs allowed to run away from Icehowl's charge it is no longer needed to tranq and lose that valuable DPS time if you have someone targeted that has no way to escape (eg. Druid, shaman, paladin).

    Gormakk is simple, just stay out of fires for as long as possible and pop Bloodlust/Heroism after about 5 seconds into the fight. Kill ALL kobolds as they come up with ranged dps (may need melee to come and help in some situations such as if its on a healer or caster). They *can* be left on hunters as they will not interrupt some things and can therefore be *tanked* by them until the end of the phase, letting you have more time to dps the boss and increase the chance of the tanks not dieing.

    In phase 2, dread/acid, have one tank on each, focusing ALL dps on acidmaw (the one standing still). Have the other tank kiting him AROUND the dps so as to make sure tehy are close enough to run to Dread's tank QUICKLY to take off the 2 deadly debuffs. It is also VERY important to still keep your 10-yards from everyone in this phase and have a designated healer for each tank and one for the raid. Switch to Dread when Acid is down and kite him until Icehowl comes out.

    Have the other tank quickly pick him up and start the dps race. Everything is the same from here on out and you should down him if everyone is up at that point.

    My team is 10-man Ulduar geared and therefore gets hit pretty hard so that's why this strategy works pretty well and will for a while until our gear is better (or more on par of the 232-245 mark).

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    Just downed the Beasts last night with our 10man guild (pally+warr tank) and 3 healers.

    Having a paladin in raid helps, ask him/them to use Blessing/Hand of Protection on the tank who currently is not tanking Gormok, it will remove the impale dot. The impale application, occurring every 10 secs, also hurts a lot. I timed my cooldowns so that I used them a couple seconds before the second impale is applied. Just to be sure, I also used Indestructible Potions..

    The Jormungars really do not have to be kited that much, the AoE patch does not expand that fast. We tanked ~10 yd within each others, and when Acidmaw tank got the paralysis debuff, it was a short trip to get the fire from Dreadmaw tank.

    We were running on the limit of our dps (dps'ers were doing ~3.5k), we killed Icehowl 5 secs before enrage and no-one got hit by his charge, but then again, we didn't tank him near a wall.

    The wall hit us when facing Jaraxxus, however. You definitely want to have good dps on this fight to kill the portals/volcanoes so fast that additional mobs will not spawn (this was our problem). Your healers especially need to watch out for Mistress' Kiss debuff (next spell with casting time is interrupted and that school of magic is locked out for 8 secs).

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    We are a small 10man raiding guild, no 25mans. We are good geared (Ulduar10, some Ulduar10 hardmode gear, some 25man badge gear), but we are no way close to being BiS geared. We usually run with:

    TANKS: Warrior and Paladin
    DPS: 2x rogues, Retri, Hunter, Warlock, Mage (5 of those)
    HEALERS: 2x resto Shamans, Holy Paladin, Priest (3 of those)

    What we do is the following (1 shoted this week, 1st kill before the nerf)

    Positioning: The ranged spread south of Gormok.
    Tanking: Tanks switch just before the 3rd stack. During the end of p1 the tankadin gets 3 impale stacks and bubbles, a paladin puts HoP on the Warrior when Gormok dies in order to remove his stacks.
    Healing: The holy pala gets the tanks, a shaman is CH melee (which also hits the tanks) and helps with healing tanks or dmg from fires (as needed). The 3rd healer focuses on fires dmg and help with tanks as needed. We anounce Snobolds on vent and the non pala healers are ready to switch to the tanks if our holading gets a Snobold (and until melee move to tank it).
    DPSing: We have all DPS, except our highest melee DPS, switch to the snobolds. Doing it like that we manage to kill Gormok before the worms come and at the same time a melee ends up tanking the snobold every time, meaning that if we get a snobold on a healer, the healer is more safe (squishies don't like getting spanked). We don't use BL in this phase.

    Positioning: We start tanking the worms where they spawn turning them away from the raid, melee on acidmaw can have their back towards the wall so they are not thrown far away by the knockback, the ranged spread between the two worms so as all to be close enough to the "mobile worm's tank" and move fast to it when needed.
    Tanking: We have the paladin tanking the stationary worm (so Acidmaw at start, Dreadscale after they switch) and the warrior the moving worm. This works for us fine, still some other guild (with similar setup) may want to put the warrior on the stationary worm so if he needs to move fast to the other tank (since the stationary worm's tank is the one that can move out for a while if needed) and remove toxin, e.t.c. he can do that more efficiently (charge, intercept).
    Healing: The 2 tanks are usually close enough for beacon of light, but we have a dedicated healer on each tank to avoid a nasty surprise.
    DPSing: We use BL to burn Acidmaw and after it's dead we kill Dreadscale. We have no issues with enraged dmg on tank (by also using some CD to help reduce the dmg when Dread is mobile, just to be safe), so this works fine for us as it minimizes the amount of time we have to deal with the annoying toxin.

    Positioning: We tank Icehowl close to the wall, with tank having his back against the wall (45 degrees). This allows melee to have their back against the wall as well and have high DPS time. Positioning aims on 2 things: a. spreading in a way that allows us to avoid getting breath on 2 people (and even if we get the occasionally double breath, those 2 people won't be both healers, which means that healers are really far away of each other) and b. avoid having 2 or more getting knocked back to the exact same place. It's hard for me to descrive with words how we manage (b), especially when English is not my native language and i am not aware of the appropriate terms, but if you keep in mind that Icehowl will move to the centre before he does the knockback you can understand that you can control about where you'll get knocked.

    By not having people on top of each other (after the knockback) you minimize the chances of a failing to occur. You can practice before you start the encounter, ask everyone to pretend they are in p3 and take positions, then go to the centre and look where they will get kocked back. Finally, when Icehowl moves to the centre you have about 2sec before the knock back so enough time to take a few steps and spread better in anticipation of the knockback (e.g. the melee that are at the wall can move in a way that no ranged is between them and Icehowl, the ranged that are at the edges of the formation can run outwards, the ranged that are at the "middle" of the formation can stay still and let others do the last-sec adjusting).

    Tanking: We have our pala tank him. If by any chance we have a charge-fail and Icehowl enrages, the warrior will shield wall and taunt from some range (since it's tauntable nowadays) buying us some time. Although we have no failings usually, we had to deal with that once and it worked (losing 1 tank, but still not wiping).
    Healing: No strict assignments are needed here, all heal the tank (since there's no spikey dmg on ranged when Icehowl is meleeing), then they heal breaths, rinse and repeat.
    DPSing: Nothing special, just melee having their back against the wall.

    I hope that helps someone in some way. It works for us fine, still if you think that we can do something better i'd be glad to read your suggestions. Finally, if you have additional questions feel free to ask and keep in mind that the tactic i describe is suited for our guild/setup. You may want to do things slightly differently if you have issues with burning bile (not all can be rogues and have no issues, hehe) AoE dmg on melee, issues with killing Gormok in time, e.t.c.
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    What we do on gormok is almost the same, but when I tank him I make sure I have icehowls body at an "obstacle". the wall is something like: _____-____ in this scenario I have"Icehowls body at the "_-_" the melee left and me right. This way when I need to run I will always run right and can be sure to get no wall-obstacles and the melee can run left and get no wall obstacles.

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    1 pally tank, 2 healers, 7 dps. Insane?

    Here is the strat the my guild did to get him down:

    1 - Pally Tank (yes 1 pally tank)
    1 - Holy Priest
    1 - Resto Druid
    1 - Feral DPS
    1 - Assassination Rogue
    1 - Arms Warrior
    1 - Ret Pally
    1 - Fire Mage
    1 - Ele Shaman
    1 - Destro Lock

    Key notes:

    • Have the priest cast Guardian Spirit whenever its up (Glyphed for it)
    • Use Divine Protection after Gormok whenever its up
    • Have a druid or DK in the raid for phase 1
    • Melee stay out of Slime Pool!!!

    Phase 1:

    We start the fight with me engaging Gormok and having the shaman blow bloodlust to get a good head start on the fight. I know alot of other guilds who save the bloodlust for Icehowl, but since we only have 1 tank, we felt this was the best option to get through the impales as quickly as possible.

    As soon as the first snobold comes up, ranged dps switches to nuke them down. Its very important to do this since they can be really annoying and can kill healers quickly if not dealt with.

    Now I am constantly getting stacks of Impale and at one point I get 6 stacks on me. Now if you have a priest in the raid you can have them cast guardian spirit on the tank to help in case of death. Yes Pallys have Ardent Defender, but another backup for this kinda of fight is nice. Also if guardian spirit is not used and your priest is glyphed for it, they can use it again later in the fight (1 min). After the 6th impale, the feral druid (or a DPS DK in frost presence) goes bear, hits barkskin, and then taunts, so the pally tank can bubble, then immediately taunt back.

    Phase 2:
    As Dreadscale moves into the arena, burn the remaining snobolds up before you engage. Now for our strat we burn Acidmaw first! With this strat Dreadscale enrages, but not enough to really be a problem as long as your healers are on the ball. The tank grabs Dreadscale and moves him over to Acidmaw. Lay a Consecration next to both worms, and make sure they are faced away from the raid. Now Acidmaw will do a knockback so make sure your faced close to the wall, and have your healers keep as many hots on you as possible, as you may go out of range for a few seconds. If anyone in the raid gets hit with the poison, have them move to the main tank from the side. then move back and get into position to dps. If you have melee for this fight, they will have to stay back after the slime pool is down around the worms. Once acidmaw is down, kite Dreadscale around the room and burn him down.

    Phase 3:
    Icehowl comes into the room, and if you have made it this far with everyone up, then you should be good to go! Have the tank pick him up as soon as he comes in and then start to nuke him. We like to keep him as close to the wall as possible to allow the rest of the raid to spread out inside the arena. After he does his first charge and is stunned, we have the dps use a speed pot and nuke him down.

    I am going to post a link to a video that i made of this exact fight and how it all went down. Okay first and foremost, I am a clicker, and I have a very elaborate UI (some say full, messy, whatever) but it all works for me.

    I am not saying this is the way to do it, I am just saying its A way, and something I think hasn't been done yet (to my knowledge).

    [ame=""]YouTube - 10 man Northrend Beasts Heroic - 1 tank[/ame]

    Like I said Insane!


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    In the 1 tank strat, I noticed that you're also only using 2 healers. Did you have dps issues with 3 healers? In particular, was Gormok's stacks getting too high if you used 3?

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    I noticed you had each boss coming out almost exactly as you killed the one before. You had 7 dps, so what kind of numbers were they all pushing out?
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    The bosses come early if you kill the one before anyway. I think that's wha he meant.

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    Our setup:
    Warrior tank, paladin tank, resto shaman, holy priest, resto druid, destro lock, arcane mage, marksman hunter, combat rogue, fury warrior, retri paladin (11 there, we take any dps combo available out of those)

    Taunt off each other every 2 stacks. We usually taunt with 27 secs debuff left on the first tank. This ensures the taunt goes through (it can be resisted, the stun could throw off your timing etc. 7 secs safety is enough to make sure).

    Attack power reduction is immensely important as he can do up to 50K spike damage. Best setup is with the ret pally, his vindication really eases up things. Otherwise the fury warrior does demo shout.

    Healers stay a little to his south as that allows them to keep spamming heals without moving if the worms come before gormok is dead and a tank rushes off to grab them.

    Snobolds first appear on his arm before jumping to somebody. All dps switches target immediately when the snobold healthbar appears. I find this an important indication of how good the raid is. If the snobold doesnt start losing health before jumping on somebody, your dps is slacking & should pick it up.

    With attentive dps who switches target fast, nobody dying, 3500 dps per dps is usually enough to beat the encounter. It'll be close, as in worms coming in through the door while gormok still has a sliver of health left but worms take some time before engaging so it's still doable if you keep your cool.

    Heroism at the start to burn acidmaw fast. As has been mentioned hunters mark is nice for tracking underground movement.
    We tank them close but facing slightly away. Think it as side by side but with their tails towards each other. Cleaving melee loves this. First burning bile usually goes on the tank. Things usually get dicey if the acidmaw tank gets the poison. This setup allows the dreadscale tank to turn the boss slightly to get the poison off the acidmaw tank and face away again fast enough.

    I tank him paralel to a wall. This means his knockback doesnt knock the tank or the dps away too long. Everybody makes sure to avoid having his back to the entrance door as we've had him bugging & enraging too many times while charging targets there. If somebody messes up & cant move out in time, the tank can usually survive the enrage by popping every cooldown he has and the healers going nuts on healing, so dont call it a wipe if you see Frothing Rage.

    The higher the dps, the easier this fight is.

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    Ok, I am a warrior tank, off tanking for a pally, and having a bit of trouble with Gormok on Heroic 10man. We switch at every two stacks and it sometimes get to three. Our healers are very good, their numbers are good, and they switch between tanks quickly, so we know that isn't the issue. I am defense capped (obviously), four tier pieces,three are T9.2, everything else is generally high level, and i have e my evasion and block pretty high. But, i keep getting two shot by Gormok at random times. I can deal with anything else the game's thrown at me so far but Gormok has me pissed. Is it possible that standing too close to him makes the game consider you behind him like with Ingvar in UK? The pally is just fine usually (though he did get smacked to just above one thousand life a few times)
    and one night when we attempted it i was just fine. But now,as i said before, at rondom times i just get two shot.
    And also, does rising anger stack on 10man? I know it does on 25man but I'm not quite sure and haven't had the chance to ask my guildies yet.

    Any input on why I'm dropping like a rock would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you're getting 2-shot watch the attack power debuff carefully. The pally is probably applying vindication, which means it overwrites your demo shout. If, for some reason, vindication falls off, you probably wont be aware of it and back it up with your demo shout. The small window is enough for Gormok to get in damage to 2-shot you.

    Btw, stamina is the key for Gormok. Equip your highest hp gear (not just EH).

    Another thing is, if you're letting the stacks get to 3, healers probably cant keep up. At the start the increased damage is managable. Once Gormok gets rising anger, 3 stacks means instant death

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    - You don't need to end up with 3 stacks ever, you can switch as soon as the current tank has got his 2nd as your stack will drop off before a new one is applied.

    - As mentioned get as much health as possible and make sure an AP debuff is up at all times

    - Use your cooldowns wisely. If you time it right you can get shield wall to overlap both impales in your turn. Use it for your 3rd time of tanking (which should laos be your last) and save LS if you are somehow low before and impale or after it. Use shield block (with 4 piece you can use it every time you tank) to mitigate some of the melee hits to further avoid spike of melee + impale combo and to ease healing on you. Likewise any on use trinkets can be used to help out. Really there will be little threat of two-shotting for the first two rounds of tanking unless you have massive healer issues. You can effectively do this fight without any risk of a one shot at all if you use your cooldowns right.


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