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Thread: Which shoulders ?

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    Which shoulders ?

    I'm looking at my DK here. US|Argent Dawn|Horde|Mílk í(alt161)

    I use him for tanking and am looking for a little input on what shoulders everyone else is using or would use. I was also looking into diminishing returns and got confused, so i'm not sure if that will even apply to me because i'm not sure of the dodge and parry caps.

    The shoulders I am looking at are the T9 ones with the set bonus. Or grabbing the 245 triumph emblem ones. Yes i'm hit capped if I eat food. Current stats w/o having to look at my toon are:
    Dodge 27.17%
    Parry 18.98%

    The Tier 9 shoulders give me roughly +.24% Parry w/o the shoulder enchant or a gem and -.49% Dodge.

    The 245 Triumph badge shoulders would give me +.23% Parry and +.17% Dodge before enchanting or gemming w/o any chance of a set bonus.

    Any input and reasons to why would be a great help.

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    all i know is on a warrior the shoulders of the enduring order are way better then the T9.25 ones .. by a lot, especially if ur over the expertise soft capp by a fair amount

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    With suck a lacklustre 4pc set bonus on T9 I'm not really interested in it, I'll probably use 2pc for the threat. Whether you value the set bonus is probably the deciding factor on going for tier or not.

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    . bump?

    *need more input*

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    I was in the same dilemma, what solved it for me was asking myself this:

    do you really need the expertise and the set bonuses?

    In my case, the answer was no, I already have near expertise softcap and the 2 pieces bonus I can get from the gloves and eventually legs if none drops to substitute my current.

    So, if you think those are important for you, get the set piece, otherwise pick up the badges one

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