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Thread: DK tanking Algalon 25M problems.

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    DK tanking Algalon 25M problems.

    I just get killed in like, 1-2 seconds. Some recounts shows 100% to 0% deaths in .. 1,6s

    Our drood tank, paly tanks gets a LOT less dmg.

    Dks just sucks to this encounter?

    I used to tank all Ulduar hard modes, in 10 and 25m. Now i sit in like 7 pieces 245ilvl, some 232+, etc.

    My spec is blood, my avoidance is about 55% unbuffed, got def cap.. Its just the damn rng or Dks cant tank algalon?

    Any tip?

    Here is my armory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    The only change i was thinking is to get a armor enchant on cloak, but is 225 armor only. (since im @ 556 def anyway) lol

    I have the Fervor of the Frostborn - Item - World of Warcraft if you guys think i can use over the yog 10 trinket, or even use the toc normal one, for the extra armor thing.. i realy dont know, i dont wanna dps on alg 25..

    Thanks in advance, /hug

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    Try to make sure you have 100% uptime on cooldowns.

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    Why are you wearing cloth shoulders, gloves and chest?

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    oops =x

    going logon for tank gear
    was joking with guys on IF and forgot ;/ 1 min =)

    oki now the gear is back again =)
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    halp? ;/

    Some one know any dk tank that tanked 3.2 algalon? in 25m? wanna check armorys..

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    We are approaching this encounter on 25 man and are there on 10 man. We found that shield wearers are tanking this a lot better too. I was considering stacking armor and was planing on picking up the new badge trinket for this fight to do so.
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