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Thread: Coliseum Lord Jaraxxus (Hard Mode)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdogcc View Post
    Vengence try this link http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f120/...nterfaces.html

    Has anyone tried to single tank this as a Dk?

    We are a very melee heavy group and it has caused issues with getting volcanoes down fast enough we are thinking of adding one more melee dps (switching a tank) but not sure if it actually makes the healing more of a challenge since there is more AOE hitting more people.
    I think single-tanking Lord Jaraxxus as a DK would be extraordinarily fun. You get to do your own interrupts for Fel Fireball (or AMS), and holding aggro on the Mistress shouldn't be hard at all. By the time the first portal spawns, your DPS will be off Jaraxxus so your threat on him will not be an issue at all. You can focus your target on the Mistress, and I assure you Jaraxxus will not be pulled off you unless quite a few DPS are still on him, when they should be on the Mistress. The Infernals may present a slight problem from their aggro reset after Fel Inferno, but with 6 DPS, you should be getting 2 Infernals everytime, maybe 3 max. Just assign/mark one for the DPS to take down first so you can focus more of your threat on that one for the time being. If you are not going to single-tank it, then the Jaraxxus tank should help DPS the portal/volcano as well - it makes a notable difference.

    As for survivability, it shouldn't be much of an issue. Let's say you have a Paladin healer, who was healing both you and the other tank before. Now, that Paladin will be concentrating on your full-time so you should be okay. Raid healing is still the same - nothing changes with that. I am actually very eager to try this strategy as it sounds both fun, and easier.

    Funny thing about ToGC10 is the changing of raid composition for different fights. For Jaraxxus, you can have a tank go DPS. For Anub'arak, it becomes easier to have 2 healers provided they will be able to handle 2-healing it (notably Phase 3).
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    It would actually be easier for a holy paladin to heal two targets than one target at 2x damage, due to beacon of light. However, Jaraxxus' melee damage is fairly trivial. I would not be surprised if the encounter could be solo-tanked easily.


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    Can anyone confirm that holy paladins can use aura mastery with concentration aura to remove the Mistress’ Kiss debuff, and give the raid 10 sec immunity.

    Tryed it in tonights raid, and it seems to work. Got the debuff used aura mastery before casting any other spells, and i did not get the spell lock, i've try to use aura mastery after getting the spell lock but that has no effect.

    Tryed it again today in 10 man hc, it works. The aura makes you immune to the spell lock, but it will not remove it if it's allready running.
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    Yeah, we just got the fight down with one dk tank tonight.

    It's funny, we tried it with two tanks and wiped a few times. (We were a little melee heavy on our dps). Then we had our pally tank switch to his mage, and boom. We got a one-shot, no problem.

    So not only is it doable on 10man with one dk tank, you might even find it easier.

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    Got it last night and the biggest issue is the tanks threat. Thats a problem for a different thread. On all spawns portal/volcano we had all dps switch kept everything under control. We also didn't tank the internals at all just smashed them.

    The better your tank is the easier this fight becomes.

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    I single-tanked this in 10man as a warrior and it turned out to be the easiest thing we tried. We had been running 2 tanks/2 healers but the kiss of death was slaughtering us. We tried swapping a dps to healing to no avail, we lost too much portal damage. We swapped the paly tank to healing and immediately got the kill.

    I didn't worry about picking up the infernals, I just let them run wild. I had to stop interrupting fireballs to tank the mistresses, but it didn't feel all that threatening and only lasted a few seconds at a time.

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    You know, we actually ended up finding Lord Jaraxxus an awful lot harder than any of the other bosses we've tried. We've only really given the 10 man heroic one proper try to this point (raid week) and he was comfortably the worst.

    There seems to simply be so much going on that our raid was struggling to keep up with everything. Funnily enough, for that reason, that's why I love it; it tests everyone and even one person underperforming is enough to mess it all up.

    Some encounters are a DPS race.
    Some encounters are a tank and spank.
    Some encounters are a battle for survival.
    Some encounters are a gear check.

    This encounter distinguishes the men from the boys.
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    Ok this weekend we finaly got full guild run for ToGC 10(my guild run only 10 man contenant). We beat beast with four attemps. We add the dps for it to barly meat the enrage timer. We had the worm coming will gormock was alive. and we had the yeti come when the fire worm was alive. My question is : Is it realiste to think that pepole with only 10 man gear contanant to beat donw ToGC. Beacus when we try Lord jaraxxsuss we defenetly meet our wall. Portal was never going donw quick enough we add all the melee switch to help(2 melee) and the mistress (when we got lucky enough to have only one was never dead befor inferno. So what kind of dps do we need to look at to get there. I'm sur we got it it's might juste be a mater or reaction and fatigue i guess. Let me have your tough on the subject.

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    I understand your post Venfou. If you're going to attempt this with just 10man gear you had better make sure we're talking about all toc10 man gear. 232 gear is pretty much the barometer for gear you're going to want on your dps for this fight.

    Make sure your dps are focusing the portal/volcano as soon as they are up and make sure they are all on it. Obviously your players should be 100% pve spec'd/geared.

    I'd give you the numbers we have on our kills but we are not 10man geared so they would sway you in the wrong direction as far as dps needed.

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