i m a protection warrior and currently rading in a 10 man hardmode raid (working at anub). I m not interested in 25 man raidng.

Since 3.2 Blockvalue gained several buffs. It got doubled and now gains 30% with crit block.

How good will blocking will be in this enviroment?

Befor everyone yells: Yes i know, everyone says block is crap, because bosses hit for 30k and 3-6k block isnt much ....

First i wanna show the numbers from the elitist jerks spreadsheet (i ve updated it for the 3.2):

DEFENSIVE STATS Char Sheet (vs lv 80)
Health 36646
Armor 27458
Mitigation 64,32%
Defense 552
Miss 9,55%
Dodge 25,69%
Parry 21,32%
Block 25,96%
Normal 17,47%
Crit 0,00%
Avoidance 56,56%

Boss: 27k dps and 2 sec Attackspeed (remember its 10 man!)

Time to life:

AC 1,0
Str 2,3
Agi 9,8
Sta 8,7
Def 14,8
Dod 13,4
Par 12,1
Blk 10,9
BV 4,0
Exp 7,2

So when i compare block rating and block value with Dodge or Parry. Its pretty close to it.
If i would add the 30% crit block buff in 3.2.2 Block rating would get stronger than dodge or parry.

Additional block isnt so spiky like dodge or parry. So even from a healer point of view, block would be preferable.

However i m no math genie and i dont know how the spreadsheet handles blocking. So i m asking you, if you could double check and tell me your impression for blocking in 10 man (not 25!!)