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Thread: expertise and me

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    expertise and me

    so I am tank and I wanna ask HOW MUCH important is to be exp capped, I mean in which case you should stick to exp cap in your gear.
    I regemed for full exp almost, feeling better, but not sure, since I lost some stamina,
    yes, if I get parry train im warming floor so stamina in that case is not issue,

    just wanted some advice, how much should I stick to exp cap as warrior. thanks

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    Expertise is primarily a threat stat so if you're struggling for threat or your DPS are constantly threat capped then expertise is point for point better than any other stat for helping you out there (until the hard cap, of course). However it also provides mitigation as the more expertise you have* the less likely it is a mob will parry you (thus reducing parry haste problems).

    So, long answer made short: very

    *not sure if this mitigation effect only kicks in after the soft cap of 26 or not

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    It really depends on the fight. Gear for tanking is very situational and for a fight with a big dps burn, expertise is a key stat. In other places, its far less important than survival stats so use your judgement. Its always a good thing to have a few solid expertise pieces in your kit though.

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