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Thread: Bear tank threat issues

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    Bear tank threat issues

    Hello everyone, My druid just hit 80 a few days ago, only 14 hours played at 80. I have pretty much all the pre-raid gear done up.

    This is my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    However, I am having serious threat issues. I am unable to hold aggro in a VoA25 despite doing all the necessary things (Mangle/Maul, Lacerate 5 and restack when ending, Faerie Fire).

    Not only that, in heroics, I am unable to hold aggro if I don't get at least 2 hits in. Swipe is unable to hold AoE aggro too. None of these had happened to me when I was doing dungeons pre-80.

    I am inclined to believe I do not have enough ap for my gear, but some of the i226 items that I have in mind for upgrade (badge items) have even lesser attack power than my current gear.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    After looking at your armory i saw a couple of things:

    * Try getting the staff from VH Hc, it gives you more feral AP which will increase your DPS and thus TPS
    * Get rid of the polar gear. They're good for fights where you need a LOT of stamina, but they just lack vital stats like agility for both avoidance (dodge), mitigation (armor and SR uptime) and threat.
    * your avoidance is VERY low, because of your abnormally low agility.

    I think you just need better overall gear and get rid of the polar pieces. Once you get rid of the polar pieces and your gear gets better, I'd suggest doing naxx10 to get even more upgrades. I wouldnt dare setting foot in voa25 with that gear because generally people tend to have pretty high DPS in VoA25 (Hell, i even wonder how you got in as a tank there tbh, no offense but your gear is nowhere close to koralon level gear)

    So in short: SSS (Stop Stacking Stamina!)

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    Silvery Sylvan Stave - Item - World of Warcraft
    much better tanking weapon for a starting set, also like he said above, less stam and more agi will help you, agi increases your dodge, crit, and armor all which will help you survive longer and gain more threat.
    also don't try voa25/10 unless the group is only going for arch maybe emalon since you seem to be undergeared.
    also, enchant all your items, agi to cloak, gloves, weapon, stats to chest, stam to bracers.

    summary: find the agi/stam balance

    edit: once you start tanking heroics/ getting badges, save them until you have the tier gear, especially replacing the polar chest would be a good idea

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    The reason you cannot hold threat is because you are not ready to tank voa25 (regardess of skill, I would not have you even tank emalon much less koralon)

    Your primary source of threat is your weapon. We get the most threat from feral AP. After that, start looking at your combat logs to see if you miss. You have 24 expertise, which isn't the end of the world, but your expertise is woefully low (need to get to 264). I suspect that you your swipes, already weak from an undergeared weapon, are missing as well. After that, until upcoming patches come out, you only get AP from strength, which you generally avoid as it isn't as useful as agi. Agi does provide some threat in the form of crit, but again, it isn't as big of an increase as just getting a weapon upgrade.

    From a gearing perspective, the Glyph Maul is an absolute must. You simply cannot rely on swipe alone to hold threat. Glyphing maul allows you to hit 2 targets, and by constantly retartgetting on maul, you can a maul on everybody (it also puts infected wounds on mauled targets, increasing your survivability). Do not tank another instance without glyphing that first, and fill out the rest of your major glyph (start looking at frenzied regen and survival instict for pure bear, or some of the cat ones if you do both roles).

    From a mechanics perspective, swipe is pretty weak threat, if after getting your maul glyph and a weapon upgrade you are still losing threat, start working with DPS to have them wait for 5 seconds after you charge in and pull. As a heads up, ToC will pose a huge challenge for you, as the orc warrior will toss you around, causing you to be out of swipe range of the other 2 champions. What is worse, he may not toss you farther than the minimum charge range, so you may have to back up to get back into charge range! Bears starting frequently lose aggro this mechanic, and it's a source of frustration for toc groups with new bear tanks.

    I'd suggest you research polearms, staves and 2h Maces, and see where your uprgades are. There's at least one crafted solution (titansteel bonecrusher), a staff from H VH, a polearm from H ToC, and a good collection from nax10/nax25 once you are ready for nax (Please note, you are borderline for nax10, you need to spend time in heroics).

    Finally, you have almost no enchants, this is very bad. There are a LOT of agility enchants (do not go for AP enchants), as well as 20 hit to gloves.

    To the previous poster Rakydae, bears and blood DKs are supposed to stack stamina (and in the case of bears, when not stacking agi). You can argue avoidance vs EH, but that argument is significantly weaker for bears and blood tanks. Also, the OP's issue was with threat, not survival. I am not disagreeing that stam stacking via polar gear is very bad and needs to be upgraded ASAP, but using polar gear to start out is a valid method for starter bears.

    As for Wafflecrew, I'd add that your first priority should be the Conquest helm, as it took me almost a year to get the T7 helm to have one drop and actually win it. It wasn't even t7.5, and there just aren't very many options. After that, next priority is conquest emblem idol, as you won't find idols elsewhere easily, and THEN go from there (possibly chest). Leather chests are a bit more common.

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    wow, sorry, completely missed that the idol is now gotten from badges, been spending too much time on my priest/pally and i do agree that the helm is a harder item to come by. I recommended chest because it will give better stats to the extremely low agility

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    Hey everyone, thanks for the input. I have a few other questions about gear though.

    I followed the instructions and glyphed up everything, and I have been holding aggro much better with packs by switching targets and spamming Maul. I've been farming heroics madly and have enough to purchase a tier item now.

    Here's my question: Do I gem for socket bonuses? The tier pieces tend to have agility bonuses, and it only adds about 0.10% dodge according to ratingbuster, nothing of significance imo. Do I stack +30stam gems on all gem slots or +10agi/+15stam?

    Another question: How do I look for bear tank gear? What stats do I look for? I know Rawr is generally used, but I don't like a machine working things out for me. I've rather pick pieces out myself. Ever since Blizzard homogenized items, I can hardly differentiate what items are good for bear tanks. I normally only pick pieces with a higher stam, but I noticed these are rare.

    Last question: Are the tier pieces actually good bear tank gear?

    I know PVP pieces are pretty good, but I hate PVP so if there is an option, I would choose not to.

    Thanks once again

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