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Thread: Inevitable Defeat vs Reckoning for Tanking

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    Inevitable Defeat vs Reckoning for Tanking

    During our last ToC10 run, I won this 2H sword:

    I'm a DK tank currently wielding this:
    Inevitable Defeat

    Stats-wise, I think Inevitable Defeat wins hands down. The strength, stamina, agility and expertise is just too good to pass up. With Reckoning, even with an epic gem or jc gem, it's just 92 + 30/51 stamina, and a boost in DPS. Also, if I go with Reckoning, my expertise drops from 33 to 22.

    Is the DPS jump worth switching for? Or should I just keep this for my DPS set (Reckoning).

    Here's my armory link with a gear setup using Reckoning:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Note: I'm thinking of changing my purple gems to +10/15 expertise/stamina epic gems.
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    I'd say reckoning is more a dps wep.

    Think a bit about the haste on it: you do more att's, fine, more tps. but since you are not parry capped when using it, you will also cause more parries thus lowering survivability.

    You also loose the 100 str from Inevitable defeat.

    But, since you have them both, you can give'em a test in another raid, see how it feels
    (i'd keep the expertise one tbh, and use the other in lower raids a' la' naxx and HC's)

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