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Thread: Pally Tank - Recommended Upgrades?

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    Pally Tank - Recommended Upgrades?

    Hi Folks been reading a lot in here about strategy and gear. Just wanted to ask what should I focus on in gear upgrades. I'm feeling like I've hit a plateau in 10 man grouping (which is what my guild does for the most part. I pug some 25's but not much)

    I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some objective comments on my gear and where to go next.

    Thanks much and here's my armory link.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    The two obvious immediate upgrades would be the Tier 8.5 Helm and Chest, both of which can be bought with Emblems of Conquest and both of which are large upgrades to the pieces you currently have.

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    Oh Tempered Titansteel Helm, how do I loathe the. Let me count the ways........

    Grind some badges and get the T8.5 helm and Chest ASAP. Get the Valor Badge boots to replace the titansteel crafted boots too, or better yet, get the ulduar crafted boots made. If you had them, you should have kept your T7/7.5 gloves and waited to get the conquest badge gloves, they are almost identical in stats, the Royal Watch gloves are just a slight upgrade.

    That's at least 150 emblems of conquest you need to grind, start running a ton of heroics.

    Your spec is also in need of changing. Drop the SA glyph for the Seal Of Vengeance Glyph. You're missing one point in improved judgements which is necessary for the 969 rotation. Vindication is now a "required" talent for prot pallies as of 3.2, because it now reduces the AP of raid bosses. Pull the points you need out of Reckoning first, and divinity second.

    FYI on your ret spec, Seals of the Pure is now a necessary part of a PVE ret build since you're using Vengeance as your main nuke.
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    View topic - Petrus' WotLK Gear List - Maintankadin

    I use that to find out all my upgrades.

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