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Thread: Low DPS, feeling that gear might be the problem

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    Low DPS, feeling that gear might be the problem

    As the title says, ive got alot of experience as playing a fury warrior, but lately my dps has been lacking in 25man's, ive gone from something like 5k in ulduar 25 to around 4.5k in ToC. I've got my rotation down to a fine paste, i figure then it must be something wrong with my gear.
    I'd just like some advice on what gear i could maybe change, or how i shud gem differently.

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    Honestly, I'd probably say your rotation could be off a little if it is going down 500 or so dps. Right now your above the expertise cap and pretty high on hit. I'd try to get some better pieces. You can grab an old spreadsheet from ej forums for dps and plug in your gear/spec and see what u should have for raid dps. One other thing is. I'd change glyph of battle to commanding since it looks like your the imp commanding guy for the raid.

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    I worry about your Flurry uptime actually, was your crit higher by chance? 28% seems low.

    You don't need much rage to keep your rotation going so you might not have noticed any rage issues. But you need that extra rage to pump out heroic strikes, which is where Fury really starts to take off in damage. Also, white damage is a fairly high percentage of a Fury warriors' damage less flurry means less white hits which you might not have noticed.

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    just wondering, did you switch trinkets lately, like from an arp proc trinket to your current setup? or any gear changes to maybe suspect the drop in dps?

    i can see the point muffin man made about your crit, 28% (33% in serker stance) is a touch low for good flurry uptime.

    has there been any changes in your raid composition? arms warrior, enhance shammy, ret pally or something of the like not attending trial raids?

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    The first thing I notice in your armory is that your gems are all over the place. I believe the accepted priority of stats is Hit (to cap) > Strength > Expertise > all. Translation, get the hit cap on your gear. Gem entirely strength, save what if takes to activate your meta. If you have over 6600 attack power fully raid buffed, start changing gems to armor pen.

    But really.. an epic expertise gem when you have 28 expertise? Really. The soft cap is 23. Go for something else.

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    Expertise soft cap is 26 I believe. So he really isn't too far over there.

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    Ive switched some gems around, replaced the expertise one with an ArP one, im gonna check my dps tonight in toc25, But i think i have to agree that it might be my crit, and i hate gemming for crit, just seems unneccersary, but without the gem at the mo my crit would be extremely low, shud i perhaps aim to get some peices with crit on them?

    After Going ToC25/Ulduar25 tonight, ive found my dps has gone up to around 5.4k :/
    I havent changed anything, so i guess it was the raid setup, sorry for making a fairly pointless thread :<
    I do Have one Question though:
    I was around 7k attack power fully raid buffed, shud i gem pure ArP now?
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    I tossed out that attack power number from a thread on elitist jerks I read a month ago and now can't find.. so ignore that. Current consensus seems to be 30% passive armor pen on your gear is a good goal.. and then people are divided on which stat is better to gem for. I apologize for providing bad info.

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