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Thread: Guild Organisation.

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    Guild Organisation.

    As a GM and much discussion and working out what's happening knowing i got the people in my guild.

    I took a course of action to see where my people are at people asking where's the raids and what's happening as a result of multimailing and bringing the entire guild on Mains only i looked at it from a different view..

    This guild has run instances like U10 up to Mime no problems and some minor 25's. As a result i also face nonattendance, Lack of Communication and then asking if a Raid starts where's my invite?

    Since i find it very difficult to get people to on the website it self to post there thoughts I've asked from various raid guilds who got all the current content down, checking out the infomation on the internet on example Eliteist Jerks, Tank Spot, WowInsider and the Wow forums them selves deicating my self i want to put my guild where it want's to been, i've now considered back peddling for the guild to find out where i can patch up my officers are working hard to put this in motion since i got 74 accounts and now looking for someone who can play the part of a raid coordinator also.

    I feel tired as a GM i can't please everyone, i split up the responsibility between everyone i take a lot of initiative planning raids and doing recruiting and it grows tiresome.

    Between, Working the Website, Keeping the guild up, Providing Activities and what not i can't be a one man army, i don't want this guild to fall apart in the end and as positivist note i keep on pressing on for the good or worse what ever may be thrown at me at the end of the day.

    I'm sure a guild spose to work you have a council like example Recruitment Officer, Raid Officer, Economics etc Like Bank and helping it to make money when needed, a Guild Mom like rank.

    I've played this game since beta am i having bad luck i know what is needed, I put the advice of others into motion, Guild weekly letter, Being strict on the guild just feels like the ball is out of the park now and i need to re level all this back to where it's meant to be.

    I need some serious help it's slipping into the cracks some advice or guidance would be appreciated fellow tank spot people.

    Thank you.

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    OP didn't give a lot of detail in your guild stance or recruiting process so we'll see how this goes. *Long post, here we go.

    1) Your guild goal in your recruitment thread here on tankspot isn't clear and concise. You state your goal is basically to fill your roster with quality people over quantity, maintain a small, tight roster and people "willing" to run 4 raids a week. Then you go on to say medium-core-guild (I don’t understand that) when you said you wanted small. You also say you have 79 unique accounts in guild. That isn’t small to me but I guess size is subjective.Those may be recruitment goals but they aren't a guild goal or mission statement. You need a unified intent for the guild. Whether that is "We will be Draenor's server first kills guild" or "We want to foster a community of social players who enjoy raiding." You want it simple and clear in intent. The meat of it comes from the process set up to accomplish that goal and expectations of members.

    (Not promoting myself but check my guild's charter @ charter (New Methods - Stormreaver) if you want an example of what I'm describing. I just realized how bad the site looks in IE. Fusion on Turalyon also has a solid charter.)************

    Also, do your best for clarity. Your posts seem to be fairly stream-of-consciousness style when you want to make sure your audience is getting exactly what you want them to get. There are sections where you have a separate thought in the middle of the sentence. I mean no insult in saying this, by the way. The majority of my posts require multiple revisions because I go off on tangents.*

    2) What is your recruiting process? It’s great that you utilize cross-realm opportunities with your Tankspot post. You have a web based application on your forums it appears (I didn’t want to register so I couldn’t read it). Your recruitment process should reflect your guild goals in the questions you ask, criteria you set and members for which you look. If your goal is only strong raid progression with no care for turnover, you should be questioning app’s gem choices, rotations, evaluating combat logs from raids and other things of that nature. If you want a casual social guild, then personality wins out over everything. I look for a mix of strong raider and someone who will fit with my guild’s culture and that reflects in my application as well as the questions I ask applicants.************

    What are you recruiting? Do you over-recruit (6 tanks when you need maybe 3 full time tanks in LK)? Do you only recruit a spot when it’s open? Some people seem to think filling a roster with double the necessary positions helps make raids fill 100% but it leads to an environment of people getting left out and thus not showing up or people saying, “Oh they’ll have my spot full I don’t have to talk to the officers tonight.” It’s not always the case but I’ve been an officer in a guild of 300 some toons and we couldn’t make a solid raid team quite often.

    Do you use trade chat for recruitment? If so, I would stop since you are complaining about attendance issues and trade chat is rarely useful for picking up more than just PuGs or guild drifters. HOWEVER, organizing guild led PUGs of things like Naxx25 on off-nights can be helpful to not only demonstrating the positives (or negatives) of your guild’s raiding style to the community and if you make a blanket “we’re recruiting, check us out” statement to the raid you can spark interest in those looking for a guild.**********************

    You’re an Oceanic-oriented raiding guild, correct? Advertise the hell out of that! That’s a bigger niche than saying, “We raid PST” and will get more interest from relevant players.***********

    3) Once people are members, do you actually hold them accountable to the ranks listed on your website? Do you kick Trials who prove unreliable? You have Raider and Veteran ranks that are required to mark attendance on the in-game calendar and contribute 50g a week to the bank. What are raiders getting for that 50g investment? I would be hesitant to donate 50g to a guild bank if I wasn’t getting anything out of it. It’s like paying taxes but the government doesn’t give me anything back but part of my income tax (wait a minute…).*

    So clarify these scenarios:
    -********* I’m a Raider. I have marked “declined” on all raids for three weeks. What do you do to my guild status?
    -********* I’m a Raider. I have ignored all raid sign ups for two weeks. What do you do to my guild status?
    -********* I’m a Raider. I refuse to donate to the guild bank. What happens?*

    You and your officers set a standard in the guild for behavior by setting rules and sticking to them wholeheartedly. A demotion or guild kick show how serious you are in your role and are necessary sometimes depending on what your guild goal is.*

    4) Do you take into account summer attendance issues? So many guilds have issues with this and sometimes you can disguise a cancelled raid night due to attendance as “Old World Raid Night,” World PvP night or even “Guild Sponsored Night Off for Families.” It can alleviate discouragement that only leads to further cancellations.**

    This was really long and I hope it helped. If you respond to my questions, it will give those on the forums a better evaluation of your situation and help you further.*

    1) Set a one or two sentence guild goal.
    2) Stick to it with recruitment and member policies.
    3) Set your rules and stick to them.
    4)*Life isn’t perfect, make adjustments.

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    Its a long answer but a good one.

    I agree, the OP needs to communicate effectively.

    I see so many guilds that want competent, tight knit, fun, friendly, semi-casual but raid as well as hard core, kick ass/take names, laid back raiders who will be available 80% of the time.

    Well there are about 50 guys like that on the server total, what do you really offer them that they cant get in another guild? Can you prove it? Effective communication and a hell of a sales pitch would be a great first step.

    GL to you.

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    awsome i've taken the time to make some adjustments in advertising.

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    As it looks just tough right now i can't seem to get 80% attendence at the time for server of 2am which is 7pm on -8:00PST.

    Alot of effort i need to pug some more for recruits just not happening.

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    There are probably a lot of guilds in the same spot as you are - enough people that want to raid to make it worth trying to set something up, but not enough to fill a raid out and make progress. One option you might try is to connect with some of the other guilds in a similar state as yours on your server and try to set up a partnership.

    Rules over loot and other collaboration issues would need to be set up, but a little fun competition between raiders from the two guilds might be a good thing.

    More dire steps might be to consider a merger with another guild.

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    I'm looking at the big picture now.

    I need some feed back from you guys please =)

    Taking into consideration that i've attempted on several occasions to do twin guild runs, I can't get a match either that OR another guild is just as good personality wise but does not consider to merge and i can't defect.

    Personally if it's not under the guild banner unless i am recruiting or friends i try not to roll pugs, I got a feeling at this stage of the guild i'm going to have to rebuild from scratch.

    This Means.

    New Upper Management
    • Recruitment Officer - Never could find someone but my self
    • Bank Manager - Done it all my self
    • All round Officers - Keep an eye on guild in my absence
    • Guild Mom - Filled by my Girlfriend "she enjoys it :P"
    • Raid Leader or Class Leaders - Matter fact raids won't happen without someone posting them or leading them other than Myself.
    Recruitment: Looking at it's different aspects, Word of mouth, Forum Advertisement, Doing Pug groups what not, Tried another one made a dummy guild to bring members back into it's original, Time zones also another factor whispering people, checking trade chat rolling out the full suite to get people interested and on the times the guild actually raid, This is including the website to as apart of the layout to make it happen.

    Raids: Setting up times on the calendar or website to get people interested in raiding, Guild message of the day, Using the website which people hardly or never used, Mailed people just failed.

    The spine of my guild just fell out due to Unrealiablity of people to perform the duties i had entrusted them with and unfortunely all done by me once again.

    I'm looking at inspiration, People with my vision and I'm not syncing up with people or just not getting the right ones in power i trust them with to make it happen, What really gets on my nerve i find someone all words and action and the entire guild does not react BUT "Soon as a raid is made without the people in guild they get jelous or there an outrage"

    I've been doing this for 1 year and played since beta being in various other guilds and the guild just does not want to communicate, we start a convastation or at least try and silence is golden, I feel like it's at a dead factor and the whole guild needs to be remade from scratch.

    Right now i do feel tireless and effort to rebuild just out of breath but i fight on and try again, I am looking for others in the same boat, Guild Masters, Members of other guilds for suggestions to recreate the image i want to make for a successful guild, I do understand it takes time and i am all ears.

    Thank you.

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