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Thread: 3v3 Composition suggestions

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    3v3 Composition suggestions

    Ok I have run a 2v2 team with a reasonable amount of success although our progress was hampered by my partner being able to spend very small amounts of time in the arena

    So with the arrival of 2s not getting access to all the rewards I figured it was a good time to get a 3s team.

    I am a prot Warrior and love PvPing as Prot so dont want to change but can anyone suggest some good potential compositions for 3s. I can probably get a lock, priest, shammy healer, rogue, tree quite easily - so groups with these would be good however I am open to looking further afield.


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    You are going to want something that can bring powerful damage and a mortal strike probably. Rogues tend to suit this fairly well and usually make a good teammate. You could zergrush with 3dps team but that isnt likely to get much past a certain rating so bringing a healer is a good idea. Of the healers a druid has very good synergy with warriors (even more so with prot) and is able to keep themselves up through alot of stuff. Shamans are nice but they would require you to be very good at peeling the other team off of them or they will get trucked.

    I would say that of the classes you mentioned, all of them could work very well with a prot warrior if you really wanted to play it. Just remember that while your burst might be very powerful, its how you use your defensive abilities that will make or break the team.

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    I would guess Lock/Shammy healer/You would work fairly well. I don't say rogue because your stuns will cause diminishing return issues.

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