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Thread: Heroic Trial of the Crusader Encounters

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    Quote Originally Posted by swelt View Post
    Previously if you didn't get him in 3 charges he would enrage right? So does this make it 4?
    He charges about once a minute, so no.

    Here's last week vs this week. This is with the standard timers, so no killing ahead of time to accelerate the boss spawns.-

    [23:24:58] Icehowl's Frothing Rage fades
    [23:25:06] Icehowl gains Berserk from Icehowl

    [18:55:31] Icehowl's Staggered Daze fades
    [18:56:00] Icehowl gains Berserk from Icehowl

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    After a frustrating 25raid we dis our pro 10man heroic after. Last week within 4 wipes we were at anub. With the hotfixes to beasts it was cake walk. However the new changes o the speed of mistress and infernals was a lot quicker than expected. We weren't in the best state of mind but still it did seem almost twice as difficult than last week. Anyone else se this guy yet with the hotfixto it? Were we just horrid or was it really that mich harder. ( we one shotted this same one last week )

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    I agree that Jarraxxus is much, much more difficult. After wiping once to unexpected extra mistresses we basically decided to just prioritize killing them over J. All melee except 1 and the ranged switch to burn mistresses, and our 2 ranged killed infernals when it was their turn. It certainly makes the fight much longer and harder, but we didn't see a way around it.
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    Jaraxxus is a lot harder now, the adds come ridiculously fast. The only way we got only 1 mistress was to have every single dps and tank switch to portal killing.
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    Spawn locations for the frost spheres for 10man HM Anub'arak, if this helps.


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