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Thread: Bladeward enchant not working properly???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirloinsteak View Post
    no its bad .. bladeward is terrible i would never use it and neither would any other decent warrior tank ... not only does it have to proc ... but it then has to proc on the proc to go off and once it does it disappears ... where as mongoose says up for 12 seconds no matter what and has a far greater uptime then bladeward by a fair amount ... i have 2 prot warriors one on horde and one on alliance both in 10/25 toc gear, i have used most of the weapon chants on both of them .. and i still cant find anything better then mongoose

    hell don't listen to us ... go into your next instance with the mats for both chants and test it out on the fly, if you do i can guarantee you wont be coming out with bladeard
    Did you look at the logs from the link I posted? However adamant you are about the lacking value of the enchant wont mean much to me unless you have something solid like a log to back it up. I'm not saying that it's better than Blood Draining but I really don't think its worse than it either.

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    There is a reason why the Warrior MTs of most of the worlds top guilds raiding at the cutting edge of current raiding are using mongoose. Mongoose when procced will give about 2% dodge for a period of 10secs. That will be for about 4-5 boss hits. More if we are talking about Algalon which hits 2 times per sec. So basically you have this avoidance buff for 4-5 boss attacks on average.

    Now lets look at bladeward. Once the damage effect procced, Bladeward has an ICD of around 45secs and will not proc the +parry effect until the ICD is over. This means that you are effectively parrying 1 attack from the boss every 45 secs. No doubt you get about 3-4% parry from 1 charge of the parry proc, but end of the day the bladeward buff still only allows you to avoid 1 boss attack every 45secs.

    TBH i was very excited to see bladeward when it was released in ulduar but in it's current form it is a very lackluster enchant especially when it was supposed to be the "premier" tank enchant of wotlk.

    Of course if you really like bladeward, and are adamant that it is superior with whatever reasoning you decide to justify bladeward, go ahead and use it.

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