Hi TankSpot!

I have been the 3rd tank in our 10 man hard mode guild for a while, and I have been recently asked to take a more serious role in the tanking duties. I have been able to pick up all the spare tank gear for a while, but my tanking gear has no sets because I was only being used occasionally. This topic is more about my Gems, Enchants, Glyphs, and Spec. I do however have a collection of Conquest tokens to spend on a few upgrades.

My spec has pretty much been the same since I purchased dual spec. I wonder if my current 15/5/51 is still good for hard mode progression, or if I should be working Shield Spec. to 5/5, currently 2/5. I would think I have to pull the 3 points out of Imp. Thunder Clap, or Incite. I guess I feel like I need the most help with AoE stuff, so I would think to keep Imp. Thunder Clap, but I am pretty torn considering the extra threat I might get from a critical on it.

For my gemming, I originally did what it takes to activate my meta and then just stacked stamina. This gave me low avoidance, I felt. So I started going for socket bonuses most of the time, and didn't put much though in to being consistent with them. Recently I have been simply using +24 sta to fill sockets before thinking about them. I planned on finishing off getting hit capped, but I'm not to sure about anything after that except for stamina.

Glyph selection was with AoE threat in mind, and I think it works for that. Is it pretty much required to get the Shield Wall glyph now?

My enchants were pretty much selected by budget, I will likely get the threat enchant for my gloves. After 540 defense I stopped putting defense enchants on my new gear because it wasn't needed, and just put on whatever cheap thing I could justify as helping some.

Upgrades. So far I am only considering getting the Conquest vendor tanking belt, but am open to suggestions on other things to consider. I have 3/5 t8 currently, and could get the chest with Conquest to get the 4pc bonus. Otherwise if I ignore the bonus I could buy one piece of t9. Or I could do both, buy the chest with Conquest, and get the t9 shoulders. But I already have ilvl 232 shoulders from Coliseum, so I would rather replace them after getting a trophy.

I have not been on top of warrior tanking stuff since heroics, and Naxx. So please let me know what I could be doing better.


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