Hi Guys

well thought id give DW frost a go yesterday. Was quite supprised with the results.

I had all ready made a build that was sitting there not being used, the BattleStar droped so I need on it as know one else wanted it, soon after equiped it with no rune or gem and switched over to DW frost.

So we did a few more runs of TOC, and man was it off the hook, the agro was mental, the dps i couldnt believe nearly hitting 3K, it was unreal, also healing on my didnt seem to be as much as when I was 2handing.

Well we ended our runs, and I went back via the death gate to stick some parry on it, and to my amazement I was well under the def cap, umm I thought very interesting.

I had a few more conquest tokens spare and grabed another pair of royal watch gloves, and put in a +34 defense gem, not ideal but it was getting late ( I probably tweak it some more today ) and try and free up that +34def gem for a +51 stam somehow.

Anyway, could you guys have a look over the build, and let me know what you think, keep in mind I have only tanked about 6 TOC's in this build and gear, before I added the +34def gem.

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I dont know if the previous was a fluke, hope to hear from some of you guys soon