so,im kinda lookin for a better raiding spec then i am now.and all the dual wield frost dks ive seen in raids have been pullin really good dps

but i dont know,maybe id pull higher in a raid because i havent actually did any raiding yet with my build(dont really feel like getting crappy dps with it in raids so ive been raiding with my main spec still)but i dont really feel like playing my dual wield frost build because i still do more dps in my main spec then my dual wield frost spec.but ive seen dks pull higher dps then me in raids before that were dual wield frost

The World of Warcraft Armory

thats my armory and the only thing different(since im still in my main spec)is im dual wielding Aledar's battlestar(have a +4 hit rating gem in it)main hand and grimhorn crusher off hand

im just wondering if maybe i need to sorta change my gear and thats the reason why im doing the dps i am.i know im under hit cap though but i dont really have a different set of gear so i dont feel like messing up my current gear and just gemming it all +hit