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Thread: Tanking gear/ spec review :S

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    Tanking gear/ spec review :S

    I've been tanking heroics and not having to much trouble with them but my healer friend and alot of the healers in my groups complain about taking to much damage, how can i take less ;'( stack def, or dodge or what :S

    plz halp

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    1. Specc this.

    2. Get rid of odd gems - the str and parry gems with stam. Parry is bad to gem for. It's ok to take if it gives more parry % total than what you get dodge % from a same slot piece, but if you got the same ratings and overall same stats, take dodge (just som general advice).

    3. Go enchant your gear. 40 stam bracers (perhaps wait till you get those from AK HC), PvP stam shoulder enchant, HP or def on chest, 15 expertise on gloves (so you get closer to softcap), enchant legs with 55 stam and agi (see AH and iten enhancement - consumeables or something, where you find belt bucles), get 22 stam on boots, get a new trinket. Viable and easy-to-get options for you would be the stam-trinket from MGT HC or Essence of Gossamer from AN HC (recommended).

    4. Get a tanking ranged. Either the blue from a short questline in Storm Peaks, or Armour Plated Combat Shotgun, made by Engineers.

    5. Profit.

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    Repeating what's been already said, but:

    The number one issue here is your gemming. For the most part, you're going to want to ignore socket bonuses and gem straight stamina. If you have a stamina socket bonus, then you gem hybrid stamina gems: defense + stamina for yellow (it's green) and expertise + stamina for red (purple). Do not gem for strength and hit, and if you have to gem so much for defense because your gear is lacking, you're doing something wrong with your itemization. As far as gemming for avoidance goes, I'm of the mindset that you should gem for stamina and get the avoidance from your gear; the only exception to that rule is if you're doing the hard Hard Mode content, and you still about about 40k hp unbuffed gemming sometimes for dodge; but even still, those players mostly gem for stamina.

    The second thing wrong is your lack of enchants, as was already mentioned. As a tank, not having your gear enchanted is a pretty severe issue, especially if you're pugging raids. Here's what you need to take care of:
    • Helm- Your helm is fine, but your meta is terrible. Grab an Austere Earthsiege Diamond (32 stamina and 2% armor) and you'll be set.
    • Shoulders- Your shoulders are pretty lacking and hardly worth enchanting, but snag the Regal Aurous Shoulderplates from Heroic ToC. After that, head out and do a few dailies with Sons of Hodir. It doesn't take long to get enough rep to use the lower shoulder enchant, as my mage did it at 78 after doing just the beginner quests and one string of dailies.
    • Cloak- Solid cloak, solid enchant.
    • Chest- Your chest is a very good quality chest, and worth putting epic gems in, if you can manage to afford them. If you're lacking defense after taking all your defense gems out of your gear, enchant defense; if you're not, always go with health.
    • Bracers- Your bracers are lacking and not worth the 40 stamina, in my opinion, but if you save up enough badges, you should get the emblem bracers called Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets. Then enchant those with 40 stamina.
    • Weapon- Snag a Peacekeeper Blade from Heroic ToC and enchant it. If you don't want to snag a good enchant, at least put a weapon chain on it.
    • Shield- There are other shield options out there, but it's a good source of tons of defense. Enchanted, so no qualms with it.
    • Ranged- Get the Armour Plated Combat Shotgun made. If you look up the mats on Wowhead and farm them yourself, it'll be very cheap. When you get it, put a stamina gem in the socket.
    • Gloves- Your gloves are good and worth enchanting. I'd put 2% and 10 rating on them, or if you're still lacking expertise after this rehaul, 15 expertise.
    • Belt- Your belt is good, but put 2 stamina gems in it.
    • Legs- Armor stamina kit on legs.
    • Boots- Snag Boots of Heartfelt Repentance from regular ToC and put a stamina enchant on them; 22 stamina if you have impeccable situational awareness or 15 stamina and run speed if you're slow or paranoid.
    • Rings- Solid rings, gemmed the socket correctly.
    • Trinkets- Run Heroic AN for the Essence of Gossamer trinket. Run it until your eyes bleed!

    If you do all of these things, your stats will soar. You're definitely fine enough to tank heroics currently, but there are plenty of areas with room for improvement.

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