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Thread: 3.2 Spec & Glyph Questions

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    3.2 Spec & Glyph Questions

    Greetings, long time viewer & new poster.

    Since the release of patch 3.2 i have sort of been in a limbo as it were about how i glyph and how i have set my spec for tanking.

    Armory Profile

    My Problem: Ever since 3.2 i have started to doubt my way of glyphing (major glyphs to be exact). Should i swap any of my current major glyphs out? If so, for which ones and why?

    Spec: Looking at my spec it should be pretty common amongst prot warriors as its from this forum. The problem is i was thinking of trying a spec out which has 5/5 shield specialization which brings me to the questions of:

    1#Is it worth it to have 5/5?
    2#What talents can i swap out in exchange for the other 3?

    Looking at it im sort of puzzled atm and would like to see what other people think of it and how they would go around this. My armory profile is linked above and i also wouldn't mind any criticism about my gear, gemming or enchants (if its positive that is!)

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    You can look me up but this is what I did for 3.2. I did went on PTR to try out the shield spec changes and found out how much rage is flowing now, specially add tanking so I decided to max it out.

    Basically what I did is drop 2 points out of Deep Wounds and 1 point from Improved Revenge to max out shield spec. You may choose differently but with this I still retained a deep wounds (just not that strong) and the damage loss of Revenge was anyways recovered from ATT change and Dev buff. Plus with avoidance nerfs, I have seen less revenge procs than before.

    Your Glyphs, My personal theory is if I you have Shield Wall or Last Stand Glyph there is no reason not to pick the other, so basically I think its both or none, and so I went with both plus improved discipline and I am loving the 2 min cd's, I can liberally use them on a boss fight and expect to be back again before the fight ends.

    Otherwise your gear etc is all good, though you have a bit low hit and a lot of expertise, I assume hit food/trinket etc fixes that

    Just my 0.02

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    to answer your question about glyphs...I've been having to carry 10+ of multiple glyphs in my bags. For fights that are taunt sensitive, I'll throw glyph of taunt on; fights where I need a shorter cooldown, glyph of shield wall; fights where I need more threat, glyph of shield block and/or vigilance. The only glyph that remains constant in my glyph set are my minors and glyph of devastate.

    Sure it gets expensive, but if you can find a guildy that will cut you a deal...you should definitely think about it! Your gear looks fine. There are a few upgrades from Ulduar Hard Modes that would be beneficial to you (Thorim HM Ring, Freya HM Neck), but given your gear set, I assume you know what you're doing.

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    Aye Thorim Hm Ring along with Freya HM Neck would be ideal however we've yet to clear them. Carrying multiple glyphs does seem like a way to go around it however that must start to feel tedious running around having to keep glyphs stockpiled for certain encounters. Which reminds me shield wise i still have not got what i would prefer using, currently using the Forlorn Barrier due to the fact it has a miniscule amount of more AV along with armor however it lacks the 2 sockets i get from my Boreal Guard so thats another factor i would like other peoples opinions on.

    @ Gabbu, that idea with exchanging 2 points from DW and 1 from IR does sound interesting and i may probably try that out in future. Recently been playing around with my spec, enchants and gemming for the past dew weeks to see how its performance holds up in raids. Creating a 2nd Prot spec was also another idea i was thinking of putting into action.

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