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Thread: warrior in need

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    warrior in need

    i just need an outside opinion im to close to the project i think and dont know what i can further do please if you have any feed back please say it. here is my armory

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    1) 33 stamina worth of gem bonuses lost due improper gemming. Can be justified if you only gem for stamina but you are not.
    2) Gem stamina in blue slots, hit/sta in yellow slots, dodge/sta in red
    3) Don't be afraid with loss of hit, just have hit dps trinket ready when it really matters, have some hit/sta food @ disposal.
    4) you have great gear and it's fine as it is, geming overhaul will bring more stats to the table but wont hurt even if it stays this way.
    Mookey | GM of <RISE> Xavius [EU]

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