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Thread: Why Must we have a class thats "The Best"?

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    Why Must we have a class thats "The Best"?

    I've spent the past few days without playing WoW, and instead decided to catch up on patch changes, class mechanics, etc. And found a post on the wow forums where a person was boasting about how he, as a pally, was now the best tank in the game right now. A little later I saw a post where a person was sayin that Druids>all.

    I also recall see a post by Ghostcrawler (possibly in the class Q&A series) where he expressed his concerns about blood death knights becoming *the* hardmode tanks. So at the end of the day my conclusion was that no one had any idea which tank class was best.

    But this did get me thinking, why is it that we need there to be one tank who is better than all other and should be the MT. Why do we need to go "with this patch, such and such class is now the best so thats gonna tank until they nerf it and make another class better in the next patch.

    While developers shy away from saying it, each class does have its own niche. With such variety in encounters/tanking classes, I don't see how any class can dominate the field in tanking.

    And even within a single encounter, why does one tank need to be the best? Can't anyone tank it? Is the encounter really so difficult that if the perfect class doesn't tank it the group will fail? or can we just have the person who knows what they're doing, regardless of class, handle the encounter as main tank.

    Any one else have thoughts on this?
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    there isnt a need for one to be better than all. its arrogant people who think they or the class they play is better than all others. most likely theyre comparing themselves to people playing other classes that arent as skilled at tanking. chances are, if you put these boasting players next to someone that is a truely awesome player, theyd probably change their attitude.

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    +1 to jettzypher, it's mostly just boasting from people playing that particular class.

    But you also need to realise that not all classes are equal, in spite of Blizzard's efforts to level the playing field without excessive homogenisation. Until the recent DK changes, DK's were considered the best hard mode tanks for a reason: ridiculous health pools, self healing, high armour and avoidance, and powerful cooldowns. As much as I hated seeing my flavour of tank get the nerf, they were very OP.

    Any tank class can MT a normal encounter (skill notwithstanding), but hard modes generally require some min/max and group shuffling. This was true of early Ulduar anyway, Blizzard saw a disparity of tank numbers and changed a lot of the hard modes to be easier (some might say a joke).

    Once you outgear an encounter, or play it post-nerf, you often forget the challenge it presented originally.

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    Every tanking class can perform equally well in the hands of a skilled player, but certain classes will still provide that extra 1% in certain niche areas.

    Eg. last night vs. Thorim we had two tanks (pally and DK), and we got the pally to be the Arena tank simply because the way his class worked would provide a slight advantage in that situation.
    And that's it. There's no best overall tank, its entirely situational.

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    Warriors are the best tanks...

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    I think they should make all "oh crap" abilities the same across the board for all tank classes. Those are usually what make 1 class stand out above the rest when it comes to the real hard-hitting bosses. I wouldn't want all tanks to play exactly the same tho. Small niches (like aoe threat for paladins, reflect/interrupts for warriors, etc) is fine imo. Would u want all DPS classes to perform the same role/function in all situations?

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