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Thread: looking for gear advice

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    looking for gear advice

    hello everyone, long time reader first time poster here

    i have an 80 dk tank, im looking to eventually be able to tank raids (at least 10man) and obviously from my armory link i know i need upgrades on shoulder/chest/cloak/trinket

    with that being said, i'm farming htoc for shoulders, heroics for conq chest & a cloak and heroic an for the sta trinket.

    currently unbuffed in my gear & frost presence i have something like:
    543 def
    8.7% hit
    21.27% dodge
    17% parry

    by upgrading those pieces, theoretically, would i be safe to try my hand at tanking 10-man raids or at least off tanking?

    nitpick away!

    thanks in advance

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    All I have to say is, lol! You have absolutely NO need to upgrade, at least as far as I can tell, being a Protection Warrior myself. 29.5k hp.... you're more than ok and that will even make it easier on the healers. As for the 543 defense, the minimum ive seen lately has been 540, so you're good in that respect too, and from the gear you'll be getting from the raids, you'll have that up even higher in no time. Although you might want to get your parry up to at least 20%, just a suggestion. But you'll get to that through raid gearing, so you're at the very best: well geared for MTing, at the very least: highly over qualified for OTing,

    Quick Note: Same situation as you, been watching alot of TankSpot vids and reading the forums for advice, finally decided since im getting big into raiding, I should totally start posting.

    Good Luck and Happy Raiding!

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    Hi Mate

    welcome to the wonderfull world of DK tanking.

    1st off, you have 3 points in scent of blood, and also 2 points in chill of the grave. Pretty much over kill if you ask me, go for one or the other.

    As you are frost tanking, id Dump the 3 point in scent of blood put 2 in Two_handed Weapon and 1 in runic power mastery.

    Glyths, id swap out dark death for forst strike, dont know about you but I really dont use death coils that much, some other DK tanks may.

    For raids, I think you be fine as MT/OT for NAXX 10, OS 10 going on your gear spec only. I dont know how skilled you are and what your playstyle is, everyoen is differant.

    Uld 10 and TOC 10, your need to wait a bit, hard hitting places for a DK. Gold permitting replace those +24 stam gems with +30, possible wait till you get gear upgrades.

    Allways make sure you run with a Priest, Pally, Druid and a lock if you can, greatly helps us poor DK tanks.

    Make sure you have some stoneblood to drink, and some indestructable postions, pop a indestructable potion before you engage a fight, and this will allow you to pop another after you engage, giving you 6 mins of extra armor.

    Be prepared for bill repair bills, once you start going ULD and TOC 10 man.

    Have fun, and if you need any more help then just post on here, its a great forum for all to learn from.

    The World of Warcraft Armory


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    thanks for the quick (and not to mention positive) replies

    theyve definitely brought my hopes up about tanking even sooner than i thought, im gonna start watching videos on naxx since those fights i really don't know very well at all, and os/voa i've done a few times so those i know fairly well

    *keeps fingers crossed*

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    Hi Mate

    yes thats all you can do is learn the fights, see how they play on on videos etc, watch videos from more than one sites, as there may be other tactics that people employ. Its best to know a few ways on how to do things.

    You could be the best tank there is, but if the raid lets your down then your get the blame full stop anyway lol.

    Just make sure your gear, enchants, tatics are correct, be vocal if you are the riad leader, make sure peopel listen to you. Your find some dps are just interested in damage, you need to nip this in the bud.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on in Naxx, and if you need tips just ask.


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    I've got two things to add on your Gear:
    You should get you the Essence of Gossamer as second trinket and Sigil of Awareness as Sigil, the rest is really good.

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