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Thread: Nit pick my Fury off spec please

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    Nit pick my Fury off spec please

    Hi all,
    I am hoping I have this in the right place. I have been tanking since Vanilla, and the only real DPSing I did in TBC was the dual wielding devastate spam. With the advent of Dual Specs and my casual raiding guild/schedule I decided to go with fury off spec. I put together a decent DPS set but I feel I should be doing more. I'm averaging 2.5-3k DPS in heroics and Naxx 10.
    If I could get some of you pro's to tear me apart and tell me what I should do with my Gear Spec Glyphs. I have read the Fury guides on here, and so I use the Priority WW>BT>Slam on Proc/Execute under 20%. Spamming HS when over 70 rage (or cleave on AoE packs, remember I only DPS Heroics and Naxx 10 level stuff atm).
    I am very accepting on criticism and yes I know not ALL of my chants/gems are BiS but I don't feel like blowing that kind of cash for the occasional heroic. (85 ap to weapons instead of 110, blue quality gems) So please feel free to give me the works other than those 2 points. Thanks in advance.

    WoWArmory for Kessit

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    the rotation is right but for hs, I do it at 40-50+ rage.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Those are my glyphs. Change out Bloodrage for Heroic Strike. Also my 1st few points is different because its situational where you put points based on the encounters/group make up.

    Depending on what is needed either I or another fury warrior will have imp demo shout/imp commanding shout. Then the other one is free to spec for more dps. My spec I use was for Yogg 1 light. The extra rage/get of debuff every 45 seconds was key for that fight. Normally I would put those 2 points into something else like imp execute, etc.

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