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Thread: is UA still viable in 3.2

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    is UA still viable in 3.2

    I am wondering if a UA build is still useful or worth the loss of avoidance for the amount of dps/threat that it brings to the table.

    I have recently joined a new guild I am fully geared out but many of the dps is not. The healers are awesome though and could handle the extra damage. With the changes in 3.2 would I pickup enough dps to truly make a difference in some of the speed kills needed for the hard modes.

    I did try to find an answer to this in other threads but none directly states if it is or not.

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    With the buff to devastate, I personally find UA being slightly less useful for threat.

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    I really don't understand why people use UA so much. The spec totally destroys a lot of a prot warrior's usefulness (no sunder, warbringer, shockwave, etc), it sucks for aoe, and the threat increase really isn't that big (sometimes it provides no increase at all). Most people will probably argue that it's super awesome for single-target threat, but every impressive or record-setting tps report I've ever come across has always been done with "normal" spec. Pushing 1 button over and over throughout the course of a fight gets insanely boring as well.

    No, I don't see any usefulness at all in the UA spec atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibetank View Post
    worth the loss of avoidance .
    How do you lose avoidance with UA build? All I see you would lose is 2 expertise and 2% stam/str.

    Dragaan, sunders can still be done, and the lack of aoe/warbringer doesn't matter much on fights like Hodir hard mode.
    But yes, pressing the same skill for an entire fight does get boring.

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    The amount of dps lost by a rogue or warrior or yourself in order to keep sunders up with this build is about equal to the dps gain for using UA build. If your talking about Hodir, then the dps loss you suffer during flash freeze casting could easily make it an overall loss in dps to try this build.

    Your time would be better spent working with the dps to figure out why they aren't pulling their weight.

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    ever since the devastate buff, and since picking up the devastate glyph, i no longer feel the need to use a UA build.

    My dps and tps is much higher than in was, and i get to keep the fun talents. I longer have to spend a whole fight mashng one button.

    Im looking to get the 2xt8 and 2xt9 set bonuses which will further prevent the need to return to the trusty old UA build.

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    getting even further off course if you can get a slow 1h weapon instead of a "tanking" weapon devastate seems a little too overpowered. last night i decided to pick up a Malice that nobody needed and put it on over my Sorthalis. my dps increased by 5-600 and devastate jumped to my top damaging move by 3% while not missing a revenge or SS CD.

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