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Thread: Dilemma after obtaining a couple of upgrades

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    Dilemma after obtaining a couple of upgrades


    I am Felsen from Nagrand EU Pve Server.

    Here is a link to my armory with my common tank set:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    For those of you who cant see the profile:

    HP selfbuffed:34782
    Dodge: 25,31%
    Expertise: 35 (8,75% dodge/parry reduction)

    I am in a 10 man only guild, we cleared all in Ulduar, working on Hardmodes now beeing 6/9.

    The new 10 man raid instance is not really a challenge so far, so we are 4/5 here as well.

    Tonight I managed to get my hands on Belt of the Nether Champion - Item - World of Warcraft and Band of the Twin Val'kyr - Item - World of Warcraft

    Both items are pretty solid upgrades for me, but I just dont manage to make my whole gear set work. No matter how I calculate it I seem to take a heavy drop in hit and a slight drop in expertise. The rings are a pain as such because I got a Mark of the Relentless - Item - World of Warcraft in my bags as well (gemmed with a +30 stamina blue) which I would like to use as well (somehow?!).

    So I need some advise on how to choose my combination of rings and what kind of gem you would put into the new belt. I was considering a +10 hit +15 Stamina one, to compensate for the massive loss of hit from the old belt.

    How much hit/expertise would you be willing to sacrifice for the immense gain in avoidance/health from the new belt/new combination of rings?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help! Feeling all dizzy already from calculating back and forth possible gear combinations. :S

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    If your guild is really progressing into hardmodes, I would really take your Effective Health into consideration overall. I would consider how an increase in your EH would asffect your ability to generate threat. +hit and + expertise are threat generation, and expertise helps reduce boss parrys, but when your getting hit for 22k that you block into 20k, you still need that health pool.

    That said, two questions I would recommend..

    1. Can you generate threat well enough with a loss to hit/expertise like you said, and gain the EH?

    2. Or do you believe you can balance avoidance/threat generation with a lower EH?

    This is basically how itemization works !!!

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    Well I used to be someone who stacked Stamina over everything else, seeing that threat was never an issue in Naxx.

    Ulduar was a completely different story, so I started to focus on +hit/expertise a lot.

    At the moment threat is not really an issue and I even manage to tank Hodir hardmode without a lot of trouble threat wise.

    So I would be willing to sacrifice some hit for overall more balanced stats, but I really dont want to drop below 200 as I feel that this would make my threat suffer way too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felsen View Post
    So I would be willing to sacrifice some hit for overall more balanced stats, but I really dont want to drop below 200 as I feel that this would make my threat suffer way too much.
    Remember that you can use Snapper Extreme or Worg Tartare to increase your +hit if threat really becomes a problem. But keep in mind that while progressing new content, survivability always comes first and hitcap doesn't really come into play until you're farming the content or going for speedkills.

    You would also benefit from investing in proper gems, using "blue" quality gems is not acceptable for a raid tank when there's relatively cheap epic alternatives available that are 20% better.
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