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Thread: DK Blood tanking Gem and enchant help

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    DK Blood tanking Gem and enchant help

    Good Day

    Sorry if this has already been discussed but its my 1st time on the forum and I looked through previous posts but couldnt see anything relating to my question.

    I recently switched mains from my priest which I have been raiding on for 3 years to my DK tanking, so im constantly looking for new information and answers to some problems

    At the moment I have 36k unbuffed health tanking in blood, I have 256 hit and 9 perc expertise. My gemming atm is popping 30 stam gems in blue slots and 10 Strenght 15 stam gems in the red slots. I am also way over def capped standing on 550 atm, with no gems for deffense. The only enchant I have for defense is the one on my back.

    My questions are:

    1. According to the other tanks in the guild I need to gem 30 stam in all slots, so instead of the Strenght Stam gem I need to pop 30 stam in all those red slots as well. Now according to me when calculating the gem bonus I will gain about 150 health but loose on 30 strenght, so is this a better idea then my current gemming?

    2. I always put + 10 to all stats on my chest, but the other tanks inform me that 275 enchant is a better choise, once again Im not sure about this?

    3. what enchant will be better then the 16 def on my back if I am way over the def cap, will the agility be better then 16 def rating?

    I dont really have alot of different sets for diffirent situations like a trash set and boss set, so i try to optimise my current gear for all situautions.

    Any input would be highly appreciated, thanks for your time

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    Leave the +10 to stats on the chest. If you can afford to lose the defense from the SoH enchant on the shoulders, pick up the +30 stam PvP enchant.

    You don't need to stack strength as a tank. Stack stam, make sure you are at the hit cap of 8%, and be as close as possible to the soft cap of 26 expertise.

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    Thanks for the reply, I did actually replace the SoH enchant with the PvP one a few weeks ago.

    I will changed my chest enchant to 275 health and start replacing my red gems with pure stam gems as well

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