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Thread: i could use some DPS help (furry war)

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    i could use some DPS help (furry war)

    hey, first post kinda feel newb for asking this. i was hoping one of you guys could give me some pointers, my guild is a "casual 10" so i have access to all 10 man uld gear up to general and all of the currently open ToC gear (10 man as well as 25 since my server pugs it very easly). i feel like im stuck at ~4k DPS id love to be able to do more. for a bit of background i used to be the MT for my guild and the gear i have is mostly unwanted stuff

    i am doing everything correclty as to rotation bt-ww-slam on proc, hs or cleave for a rage burner depending on the pull.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    sorry if this seems kind of broken and kinda spastic im exhausted

    and i forgot i was going to ask. last i checked the forums were saying berzerker and 110 AP read out to about the same amount (on a constant) but where did the theorycrafting go on that? which ended up the victor.

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    wrong forum since it's more about your personal armory than DPS questions. Moved.

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    thanks sorry ><

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    dual berserking is the way to go for fury, since the ap averages out to around 140ap per enchant.

    you say that you are in a casual 10 man guild clearing to general...thorim 10 hardmode shouldn't be an issue for the runestone trinket. you have ~43% arp and using the mirror of truth, if you happen to get a runestone, you will be near arp cap with a proc, and see a very nice boost to your dps.

    there's not much in the way of upgrades since you're limited to 10 man gear and 10 man raid buffs. ~4k is a respectable amount of dps in your situation and gear.

    if you can pug a 25 man trial, try getting your hands on the bracers that drop off northrend beasts (basically valor badge bracers with more str and expertise). those should get you closer to the expertise cap, since you are about 5 expertise below cap (you could be using expertise food to reach cap now though).

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