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Thread: how the hell do i get more AOE threat as a paladin??

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    how the hell do i get more AOE threat as a paladin??

    hey guys/gals,

    i;ve recently moved to a new guild and went from the previous guilds MT/raidleader to current guild offtank. atm i need to do a lot of trash pulls like the miniflowers on freya but i can not generate enough aggro to keep hold of them all. my threa ton bosses is over 8ktps up to 11 consistent. but on mutliple mobs even the most shitty geared healer takes aggro off me *in raids that is*

    is there anything i need to change or switch to a different build/rotation?

    this is my armory

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    thanx in advance and i hope u can help me

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    Build, gear, gemming, enchants and glyphs all look reasonable. As long as you are throwing conc down, tab-use your different single target abilities (you will lose out on judgement mana but it's miniscule) and use your cleave/AS generously on new targets every time (pref highest health ones, press V to see the health bars) you shouldn't run into problems, but if there is one flower that's only been hit by conc there is a chance that it will run away due to healing aggro sooner or later, but it's not a very high chance to be completely honest.

    I've never tanked those flowers and I know there is quite a few but keep clicking/tabbing and you should be fine.

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    To add a little, you should have a Ret paladin nearby with Retribution Aura, and you might want to put a Titanium Shield Spike on a spare shield.

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    I didn't mention it specifically but keeping Holy Shield up also greatly helps - more damage to them when they are hitting you and you block = more "passive" aggro = less chance for a healer to rip aggro.

    Reason I didn't mention it? Most paladins who tank Ulduar are expected to use the 9696 rotation for max threat and judgement/HS uptime.

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    consecration and hammer of rightneous usally does the job for me personally, and i have it gylphed so it hits one more target.

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    Hi there!

    If you want to trade single-target threat (which seems to be a non issue) into AOE threat you can always change the Glyph of Judgement - Item - World of Warcraft into Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous - Item - World of Warcraft

    But nevertheless those tiny flowers are a pain in the plate for paladins since we can't "throw" our aoe like DKs. Normally the problem is a misplaced healer and nothing that can be handled elegantly by the tank in question.

    If you are not standing between the flowers and the healers and by that your consecrate won't be picking them up when they run for the healers after the initial pull you're screwed.

    Just tell your healers that they have to stand behind you and not at your side and everything should be smooth on flowers because they actually drag the flowers into your consecration with their positioning.

    Then there's only one more advice for flowers: Pull with your excorcism. Keep your captain america frisbee and your taunt for those runners. And for sure pull first. MT can always taunt the big flower away from you, but you're not supposed to chase the small flowers away from him.


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    Skaggi has the method right: When pulling a too large group, a reasonable amount of them won't be hit by your ranged abilities, and as such will be at 0 threat till they reach your consecration.

    The consequence is that people who attack / heal / buff whose line of sight to the enemy doesn't go through you, that enemy won't reach you.

    Other than that, AoE threat is just a 969 where you keep swapping targets. HotR is a good glyph.

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