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Thread: What is a good spec for tanking DK?

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    What is a good spec for tanking DK?

    Well i been tanking in Frost But i need a new set up and glyphs Also i have the def cap and hit and Expertise cap But i dont know what the Duel wield hit cap its I am currently at 9.94% my expertise is at 27 and My Def is 546 My Dodge is at 20% and my parry 19.22% yet i still get killed Really fast and I just would like some tips of just people telling me what i should do.... I also lose aggro a lot And i dont know What to do ... Can you post some Videos of Dk's tanking and its basics or just a talent tree and a rotation which I still dont understand How to do It... I am a dps trying to learn how to tank will you please help me Just post anything you think is useful and Helpful to me
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    Before asking for your hand to be held, take some time and read through the forums here. Pretty much every subject on DK tanking has been brought up, and many people have written guides. There is a wealth of information just a search function away.

    Also there's a few basic things we require in order to help you: a link to your armoury; a rough idea of the rotation you are using; what content you are having trouble on; don't log out in dps gear; punctuation and sentence structure.

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    Make sure your enchants are up to par, and check your gear rating.

    Go to WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings.

    and get your Tank loaded in. Easy to use. Are you always in frost presence? Frost pres increases Threat generation by *2.0735. New to tanking are we?? this may help a bit. Not really going to show you everything leaves room for you to learn some on your own...

    That Tanks the Cake

    And like the above post said, We would need your spec, gear list, Blah blah blah, ETC...But I think you should do that research on your own. You will learn to LOVE tanking if you do and appreciate your new found skill at the role much more.

    happy Tanking.

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