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Thread: What to aim for when customizing your UI

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhcabinian View Post
    Hey, Galdor!
    Any advice on the new UI?
    Hey, it looks much, much better now Good job!

    A tip for your debuffs icons - make them bigger. In raids some debuffs are very important, as sometimes a debuff on you requires an action from your side - like run away from the raid
    Personaly i put them in middle top of the screen and make them 2x bigger than buffs.

    Also, the buffs/debuffs timers under icons, dont know what addon is that, but you could remove the 00: thing. Currently you cant tell what timer goes for what.

    The HP/target HP - the name/numbers are bit scattered. My approach as a war were - to see my curent HP in numbers/full fractioned HP (i dont need % on my own HP bar). On my target it was - % of HP (on 20% i need to execute for example) then current HP fractioned <- i dont need to see how much actual hp has a boss - its too long anyway, or how much total HP my target can have, what i need to know is when it will die
    You can also make target name/hp numbers to be on separate lines, so they dont overlap on each other.
    Also, the digits (satrina as far as i remember) - you can put them higher close to you char, that way they could help you get some info in action.

    And finaly - the UI is yours and you will look at it, so make it as you would like it, dont take my advices blindly Take them just as a guidance.


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    Since my last reply I have upgraded to an 28" 1920x1200 display instead of my old 22" 1650x1050, which helps a lot.

    Some notes:

    I try to keep the top part of my screen as empty as possible, it is not an area that I immedeatly look to in any case.

    To the left middle you see elkano buff bars (abbr: ebb) (although satrina's looks very good, elk's are so customizable). Bottom ones are my own buffs, weapon enchant above it, pet buffs above that.

    On top of my own player frame I have another ebb bar concerning self-cast buffs/trink procs. Above it there's a quartz proc module.

    Quartz castbar with the GCD bar on top of it, it used to be above it, now I'm gonna go old school again and see if this compacter form is better.
    Above the cast bar is an additional swing timer bar for my melee chars.
    Above that swing bar is the target target (not shown, dummies don't target. )

    Sexycooldown for cooldown monitoring, I should configure it a little more, because I do have it, but pay not enough attention to it (partly because my bars are right below it with the cooldowns (did I make sexycooldown redundant? =X).

    Quartz debuff tracking. Another EBB bar below the target frame listing buffs. To the right (not currently shown) another EBB bar giving info on debuffs on target that are benificial (stuns, crit modifiers, thunderclap etc).

    Left bottom Prat, currently with the whisper window open (I used to have whisper addons, but most bugged out, now I just use an additional whisper window to not miss any whispers).

    Sexymap. Next to it is grid, though when in raid. Next to that, omen when shown.

    Middle/top Digits and rangedisplay (extremely useful addon noone ever seems to talk about especially since range is important for ANY class).

    Plus MSBT modded as clean as possible.

    Yes, I did use a viewporter. But since the bottom row is (when raiding) totally full of addons it doesn't interfere with any viewable terrain.

    If you got anything to add, I would love to hear it, I try to get my UI as clean as possible. In addition, do I really have use for that cooldown bar? I know it's usefull, but I fail to properly utilize it at the moment, it seems.

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    And below here is a screenshot version describing what mods I am using.
    Still working on more powerauras settings to make sure I no longer need the proc module of quartz and less elkano buff bars to get it all a bit cleaner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
    Very interesting. What is the addon which deal with skill cool down pls? The pic "Skill cool down in cool way".

    it is called Cool Line very nice addon.

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    I have Coolline with a see-through background overlaid onto a castbar without text. Very nice way to win space back by combining two very related functions into one bar. Well, for a caster.
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    Whats the Addon that removes annoying text?

    Whats the Addon that removes annoying text? i.e. "not enough mana" and "ability not ready". Or is it just something in interface? I have been struggling with this please help. And i'm sorry if i have just missed where you've posted it already. I have MikScrollingBattleText but i couldn't figure out how to remove it with that. Help

    thanks a lot


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    Thankyou bloodwraith. I dunno how i missed it. I had actually read his post once before and i remembered that there was something about removing spam msgs and i did think he'd listed an addon, but i just couldn't find it when i came back to the page xD. Thanks again.

    If anyone has the time im quite interested to know what ora2 does because all the best guilds seem to use it yet i've struggled to figure out what it actually does.

    Thankyou. Tankspot rules


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    Hey I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now but, How do you remove the party/raid unit frames from your UI? I would like to put grid their but they are getting in the way. =/

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    how do you remove the tooltip that shows everytime you put the mouse on top of something??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirobi View Post
    Hey I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now but, How do you remove the party/raid unit frames from your UI? I would like to put grid their but they are getting in the way. =/
    the raid frames you just right click on them and close them...
    and the party frames.. go to menu, interface, UnitFrames and click on "Hide Party interface in raid"

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    Hey , here's my UI :

    Addons list :

    Elitist Group
    Grid and all stuff for disc priest. (that's the only one addon that i configured )

    That's all i guess. Well basically , i would like someone who's experienced with healers and give me names of some addons or UI package so it may look more "professional" whatever it means or just may help me with my healing. I would be really thankfull for that because always when i`m watching someone's POV i feel like ' wooot what's on this screen , i have nothing like that and still doin ok , but i could do better i have that feeling "
    You can also tell me how to configure these addons which i listed above for as an disc priest cause only addon i have configured nicely is Grid

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    Hi there,

    Well, for some time i am not playing, but here an advice - Grid is your best friend as a healer. From the screenshot you have posted i cant see much of the Grid configuration, may be you could post a screen from a raid.

    Your ability icons seem a bit randomly placed, but its okay if you find them in place
    All in all - good you have so clean UI, less things on UI, more from game you will enjoy. You dont need "woot" things on screen, but you need only important ones like HP/agro of your group/raid and a boss mod (which you already have

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    i was wondering, what lets u change the minimap to how you have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoLeeT View Post
    i was wondering, what lets u change the minimap to how you have it
    Who is "you"?
    SoLeeT, you have to be more specific.
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    @Ohsogood: You probably mean that many healer ui's you see have a very minimalistic and "slick" look. One of the reasons is that they have their buttons lined out at the bottom in one or two rows on top of each other. Best use bartender for your buttonbars (in my opinion).
    Like Galdor said, you seem to have your buttons a bit randomly placed. Two or three rows on top of each other without open space between the rows will help.
    Also, many have replaced the standard blizz unitframes with an addon, such as pitbull. That also looks more "professional" as you put it. If you set it up nicely. But the options are quite obvious, if you stick to the basics.
    Also, your bagbar doens't have to be visible. But if you want it, make it vertical (same with the menubar) and put it at the right side of your screen.

    I advise you to scroll the ui forums and if you come across something nice, find out which addons they use for that and go try em out for yourself. If you can configure grid in a way you like, I'm sure you'll manage with most of the others.

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