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Thread: Can ya'll review my PvP/tank spec?

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    Can ya'll review my PvP/tank spec?

    Hello everyone,
    I just recently got into playing a DK, I switched from a prot warrior to a frost DK because I was looking for something different and more challenging

    My friends and I plan on doing heroics and PvP in equal quantities so I am trying to balance my spec for both situation... This is what I've come up with...
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My tanking rotations was going to be something like
    IT -> Plague Strike -> Pestilence -> HB -> Heart Strike -> Obliterate -> HB/Obliterate repeating (until my Death Runes are used up)

    I will be dual wielding and was planning on Blade Warding for my main hand, and Swordbreaking for off hand weapon.

    Glyph of Rune Tap
    Glyph of Howling Blast
    Glyph of Obliterate
    Glyph of Raise Dead
    Glyph of Horn of Winter
    Glyph of Pestilence

    Personally I love the idea of being able to heal my entire party, especially in PvP... and Chillblains I think is a must for PvP frost, I mean it just doesn't make sense for a frost DK to not be able to slow... (besides how cool would it be to Howling Blast the flag carrier and his entourage, slowing them all enough for your comrades to come in and slaughter them! ^^)
    Anyway, I digress, look it over please and give me your input (with something to backup the advice please, and leave the dual wield vs. 2H debate at the door)

    Thanks in advance! And if there is anything else you need to know just ask.

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    For tanking, consider 1 disease. It simplies rotations and makes for GREAT initial aggro.
    Try HB + BBx2 + OB.
    Then just hit BB and HB/OB as they come. OB when HB is on CD. Works well. Macro for rune strike. Single target would replace BB with HS and get a second OB/HB when Death Runes are up. Just my two cents as DW tank.

    I'll warn you now: You will get a lot of heat. Most people will laugh at you trying to tank in a PvP spec (even with major tanking talents, its hard to be excellent at both.) For a geared tank, tanking with Pvp spec in heroics prolly isn't an issue. A starting tank might have a hard time (Healer dependant).

    Duel Spec is there for a reason.

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    For single targets, Blood Strike does more damage than Blood Boil.

    You will want to dual-spec. PvP talents are nice in pvp but provide little to no benefit in most tanking situations and the taking of them can prevent acquiring better talents for tanking.

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    You've taken Chillblains over Improved Frost Presence, swap those points around. If you're serious about tanking invest in Dual Spec.

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    Oops... I completely forgot we have dual specs now!
    Thanks a lot guys... I've been lvling and grouping more as my death knight and so far the majority of people I've played with haven't said anything negative, a few have even complimented me on my abilities =)

    I've reworked my spec and this is what I came up with
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    I found the Death runes from Blood of the North practically useless... they start on cooldown and just screw up my rotations... and if, for instance, my frost or unholy runes are on CD and I need to use howling blast, I can just use blood tap.
    The one thing that might make me change my mind is the 10% damage to FS/HS... but once I get RS, how often will I beusing FS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel37 View Post
    I found the Death runes from Blood of the North practically useless...
    I find the above statement surprising. I've tanked both as blood and unholy. I am currently tanking as blood for max single target threat. I find Death Runes incredible useful for blood; slightly less useful for unholy but still worth getting.

    Sometimes someone pull a pat and you need to put down DnD but your your runes and ERW are on CD. Sometime i just use it to refresh a disease without breaking my rotation but I assume with the Glyph of Disease now working this is less of an issue.
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