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Thread: Return of Reckoning? ty glythed SoC, gn SoV

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    Return of Reckoning? ty glythed SoC, gn SoV

    Hello all,

    I was looking interestedly at the 3.2.2 notes and was noting the adage to SoC to hit 2 additional targets with single target attacks/abilities.

    It got me thinking about using SoC instead of SoV for Tanking, I would drop the 5 holy talents in holy for Vengeance and pick up SoC, glythed will give my Judgement a 8% kick back in MP to boot,

    It says it will proc on my 1.5 speed attack and also run off on my judges and shield of righteousness giving me a constant flow of mini hammers of righteousness popping off constantly,

    At this point I noted I had a hand full of unspent points and noticed Reckoning(after levelling I have not touched this skill) and thought I could boost SoC even further.

    Now a few reasons for this mind set, mana is becoming an issue in H's for me due to mobs dying much faster than they used to (better geared DPS), hence we are not getting our replenishment from being hit for an extended period of time after a pull.

    We would drop SoV for SoW, but this would still not be enough and now you had less threat as well, a glythed SoC gives us 8% mp per 8 sec(Judge CD), we can further boost SoC by going into Reckoning, and increasing our Threat on multiple targets, where before we only had the Tick on SoV from Hammer of Rit and Consecrate to keep adds glued to us, just initial theory, was looking at getting input as to pro's/cons, also confirming viability on single target Raid Boss encounters as well, ie would we stick to SoC or go back to SoV, ? Iím thinking this would come in handy for multi target OT's as ranged ability like Judges, Hard of reckoning, even LoLExorcism would proc SoCís multi hit, allowing even more control of positioning of packs during AoE mania,

    1. More AoE DPS
    2. Another Source of MP replenishment
    3. ranged mini AoE

    1. Must be already close to Expertise Cap,

    anyway thoughts please,

    the intended talents
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    Your link has no talents, but i think, it must be something like: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...&version=10192

    i dont know, what i should expect. it works only with autoattack and im not sure, if sotr is affected as well.

    I dont need a pure AOE-spec and i think its not good enough for bossfights. The additional mana from the SOC-glyph is useless to, usually i dont have any mana-problems with blessing of sanc while tanking groups.

    And 36% weapon damage of a 1h 1.5s or 1.6s weapon isnt so much, that it kicks ass
    Sorry if my english is'nt so good, it's not my natural language.

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    This build is what I am playing with at the moment, I'm not a fan of 5/5 reckoning never have been never will be. I don't think that the difference between 2% and 10% chance of procing is really worth 4 talent points. I do however like that 2% chance that it procs right from the start and my SoV stacks get up that much faster. You could put the point from reckoning with the points from Imp HoJ into getting DivSac and DivGuardian but realistically if you're tanking the boss situations where you can bubble/DivSac are sparse(mimiron P2, XT tremors, Yogg P2, Thorim).

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    from reports it is said to proc off attacks or abilities,

    Seal of Command now has an additional effect - When used with attacks or abilities that strike a single target, this additional Holy damage will strike up to 2 additional targets.

    PTR Patch 3.2.2 - Build 10357

    Im starting loading up ptr now to confirm, i cant seem to find any more info on it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasgul View Post
    also confirming viability on single target Raid Boss encounters as well, ie would we stick to SoC or go back to SoV, ?
    In single target encounters, definitely switch to SoV. It is definitely better for single target threat.

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    I use only SoW when I'm soloing and can't be bothered to stop and drink.

    I found my mana issues revolved around inattentiveness in keeping up Divine Plea. Once I had that licked I find mana to be a non-issue Admittedly, I'm doing something dumb like having 2/2 SA with the glyph.

    The only time mana should be an issue would be General Vesz, and I doubt the SoC command glyph would work there. You are better of with 2/2 SA with a glyph for that fight.

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    i don't really feel that soc is going to become the better seal,maybe in aoe pulls yes but single target bosses no way.i don't really feel i am going to waste the point to get that.

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