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Thread: Stat caps - What next?

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    Stat caps - What next?

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    Dk tank reroll to Warrior tank.

    an Im just wondering I've reached the hit cap/defense cap. and sitting on 24 expertise (I use the expertise food which adds just under 5 more).

    I've read up on alot of forums an they all point to stacking on Dodge/Parry vs Block. Ive done that an now im sitting at about 24.89% dodge, 19.05 parry. and only 17.86 block. I know im over the DR for dodge an i could use some more parry. I do however have a block set that I use for Trash and heroics.

    here are my questions.

    I feel concerned about my block being that low. should I be worrying about that or continue with stacking the other avoidance?

    what should I be gemming for now? is geming Parry/Dodge worth anything or should i just go straight stam now?

    Should I be looking for more expertise to help with reducing being Parried?

    and I really only like to wear 4/5 teir cause I feel that stats on some of the off set stuff is better. Im thinking offset Teir 9 helm. whats your thoughts?

    is Resilience worth anything?

    thank you for your guy's time.

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    Resilience is crap for tanking. The only reason you would ever have resilience is if you had the pvp shoulder patch for 30 stam (although you are better off with SoH patch and swap out defense for stamina elsewhere). Never get it, and if you do, ignore it.

    Until it is fixed, the short answer is don't worry about block. It's an irrelevant stat (for now).

    Having 4/5 warrior has been proven to be useful for only one particular scenario, otherwise it's just too full of SBV to be as good as other pieces, as you have correctly suspected.

    I think you are fine on expertise, you should be only worried about it if threat is an issue. If it isn't stop worrying about it. And although you haven't mentioned it, your hit rating is decent even though it isn't capped. Worry about it if you have threat issues.

    For gemming, do stack stamina. I'd be tempted to gem the occasional dodge/stam or parry/stam or expertise to hit a stamina bonus, but that's about it. If you understand where you are on DR, then you already know the answer as to when to go for parry or dodge without asking us. However, there's a lot of gear with parry in it already without having to gem for it specifically.

    One thing I noticed is that you are at 539 defense (I see 684 instead of 689 rating), you've been slacking! I suggest you change your chest enchant to 22 defense, and go for 30 stam on ring. Also, if you can get your SoH rep up to exalted, you can get a better shoulder enchant and sub out pant's 20 defense for 10 defense+15 stam.

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