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Thread: Def Rating

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    Def Rating


    After the 3,2 changes. How much def rating, do you need for 1% avoidance. Pre dimenishing returns!

    For dodge and parry you need 45,2.

    For 4,918 Def Rating you recieved: 0,04% dodge, miss, parry -> 41 Rating= 1% avoidance.

    When i look at the 3.2 patchnotes, the didn't mention Def at all.

    What do we get know for 4,918 Def rating?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    From WoWWiki: "Avoidance refers to a player's ability to completely nullify certain attacks. For melee, dodge, parry, and miss are all different ways to avoid the attack."

    I think you basically answered your own question.

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    As far as I know, it didn't change, arctus.

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    Nope, no defense change.

    Bear in mind also, the ratings you listed are base values, the actual return from rating will be less after diminishing returns, and will be different for different ratings.

    Otherwise, as you said,
    Dodge and Parrying ratings: 45.25 rating = 1% dodge/parry
    Defense rating = 41.5 rating = 1% miss+dodge+parry
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    This is a little off topic but still relates to def rating...I read somewhere that you need to aim at having something like 689 def rating. Not sure where I read it though. Wouldn't this be the def cap??

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    That's not the defense cap. That's the minimum defense required to avoid receiving critical hits.
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    Defense Rating and Defense are not the same thing.

    689 Defense rating (what's on your armor and most of your items) is what brings you up to 540 Defense (the level where you become uncrittable by boss mobs in 10 and 25 man raids)

    535 Defense is uncrittable for heroics.

    The only thing I know of that gives straight DEFENSE (not rating) is the DK Runeforging Stoneskin Gargoyle that gives 25 Defense straight out.

    Also, don't call 540 defense the cap, it's actually the base. Once you hit around 30k HP unbuffed and have your hit @ 8% and your expertise @ 6.5%, you can stack avoidance or more defense (although I've seen arguments that stacking straight defense works better than stacking dodge or parry after diminishing returns, but haven't seen that post 3.2)

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    as far as i understand you right. Defense is the best avoidance stat in game.

    With my Current stats: 710 def 550 dodge 300 Parry.

    So defense will give me the most avoidance after diminishing returns. If i add the Blockrating it really starts to shine. Or am i wrong (i m not so good im diminishing return calculation).

    And i just cant understand Blizzard. Why do they change every avoidance stat, but forget defense?

    @ Goros: With the 3.2 changes, i dont see any need for full hitcap and dodge cap.

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    I'm not sure I follow the lack of need for hitcap & dodgecap. As a tank, a guarantee of hits = a guarantee of threat. It might be a minor thing, but your job as a tank is to use everything in your arsenal to be most effective in holding aggro and reducing damage to yourself.

    I notice a huge difference in TPS and DPS from being at 6.5% and 8% vs being just under. I'll take what I can get, but to each his own.

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