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Thread: DK Threat Questions

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    DK Threat Questions

    Here is my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I was wondering what the baseline threat is for a DK. In my current spec I can do on average 3.5k to 4.5k.

    What I've found is that when I'm MT and have a Pally OT, the Pally can quite easily pull threat off me. If a DK and a Pally do the same boss lets say and are equally geared, and do their rotations optimally, what should the expected threat differences be? I understand that this would be a pseudo-average because certain bosses are resistant to certain types of damage.


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    As of right now, a Pally tank can easily rip of a warrior/druid/dk of equal gear. Its why there are nerfs in the pipeline. In terms of tps, enough will always be defined by the raid you are in. If your dps have to hold back because of your threat gen, so much that you hit enrage timers. Then its not enough.

    Its not a concrete numbers answer for "How much is enough threat?"

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    Too True, Existential has named a thorn in the side of Tanking. Pallys just have great burst TPS. Are you using Rune strike every chance you get? laying out D&D? Death Strike with Glyph works well, causes damage threat and healing threat...
    go here.http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f200/...at-values.html

    it has a list of all threat values, and is on this very same site(tankspot)
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    For help with DK frost tanking.

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    You have two major problems.

    1. Low expertise. Replace any gem that isn't the JC stam and meta with exp stam until you hit 26 exp.

    2. Your spec is too general. You spec heavy into the unholy tree, but do not take the upper tier powers. You spec mid way in blood, but don't fill out the talents for their strike either. This leads you to having no core strike to use other than Death Strike, and it being mediocre due to misspent talents. Fill out the Unholy tree more, or switch to blood.

    Ensure you are using your abilities correctly. Macro Rune Strike into your 4 main abilities(2 disease strike, blood strike and your finisher).

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    OK. I have since regemmed for expertise and I have it capped. I added "RS coupled" macros to IT and PS (previously I only had RS attached to BS and DS). That helped out a TON Thanks

    The only modifications to my spec that I can see are to pull 4 points from Blood (3 from Bloody Strikes, 1 from Dark Conviction) in order to get 3/3 Ebon Plaguebringer or pull 2 points from Crypt Fever to get 2/2 Abom's Might.

    You are 100% correct in that my FU strike is DS and it isnt' beefed up; I assume you're talking about Improved DS and MoM. On the Unholy side, Crypt Fever is a direct buff to DS albeit a small one (5% increase to DS heal). Also Dirge should ramp up RP gen making for more frequent DC dumps.

    As a consequence of being a true hybrid build, it will lack the synergies of speccing deep into a particular tree. The original idea that I had with this build is to pull some of the core talents from Blood and Unholy; basically go deep enough into Unholy to get Bone Shield and a 3rd disease and deep enough into Blood to get VoTW. Threatwise it is not optimal but I feel that this build has a lot of durability (VoTW, imp RT, AMZ, Bone Shield, on-command Death Pact (w/ effectively 20RP needed as I keep 20RP in the tank to fuel a RS))

    I will try a full Blood build eventually, but this build is very fun for me to play. If I have to ditch it in order to be viable for higher level content then so be it. At present I'm just looking into optimizing the talents assuming VoTW, 3rd disease, and Bone Shield.

    Currently I use Glyph of RS and DnD. I suppose I could try to swap DnD for DS.

    Thanks again for the comments

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