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Thread: Recently 80 Pally seeking advice.

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    Recently 80 Pally seeking advice.


    Having recently dinged 80 and been on a crusade to gear up I'm after a little advice on my Pally. I've been prot since level 12 (purely for AoE grinding) and loved it but I'm now at a loss what stats/glyphs/spec to go for.

    I've basically specced myself with what seems best, having only ever tanked on a DK in wrath and as a shammy OT through pre-tbc and kara, I'm not sure I've gone with the optimal spec.

    I think I've got the major glyphs right but not sure what to take for minor.

    Also since hitting 80 in the last week I've managed to up my def to cap through the AH and some nice heroic grinding with guildies and pugs but my avoidance still seems low and i'm not 100% sure how to get this up. Also not sure if i've gemmed correctly but i've taken what was needed to get me to cap.

    (I know I haven't got the correct shoulder enchants but I dinged 80 in Dragonblight and am starting the Hodir grind tomorrow to get re-enchanted shoulders, thankfully I have Aldor exalted so I'm getting some def benefit until I get SoH to exalted)


    EU Armory may be down atm due to server maintenance but my gear on wowranked.com hasn't updated from HC/Badge grinding today. I also have the Emblem of Conquest Libram but I may not have equipped it yet according to the armory.

    I've also heard from a friend that tankadins should use a 969 rotation, not 100% sure what that is but I assume that it may mean my Glyph of Consecration is unnecessary/wrong.

    p.s. I know my trinkets are massively horrible but haven't had any option to replace yet as I've basically done very little but powerlevel to 80 (as our main pally tank went on a 3/4 month holiday to thailand), hoping Essence of Gossamer and The Black Heart drop tomorrow.

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    Lots to cover, so before we get started too much, I'd recommend checking a couple of places in addition to Tankspot. The first is a site specifically for Paladin tanks called Maintankadin and has lots of very useful information in the Basic Training area. The second is the Protection Paladin Field Manual on Elitist Jerks. Both of these will hold a great amount of information that you will find very useful when starting out as a tank.

    As you mention, the EU Armory is down just now so I'll take a look when I get the opportunity. However, if you'd like to take a look at my spec, my character's name is Mertissielle on the [EU]Alonsus server, so feel free.

    Likewise gems, enchants and gear - until the Armory comes back up I can only really guess and wow-heroes.com seems to have cached before you made a lot of the upgrades you mention. I'll try and take a look later but shoot me a PM if I forget for some reason

    Finally, 969 - essentially this is an order of abilities we can use that means we never have wasted time while two abilities are stuck on cooldown together. If executed correctly, you'll be pressing a button once every 1.5 seconds (the length of the global cooldown) and, therefore, maximising your threat.

    So, your abilities that you cast every 9 seconds are: Consecration (hence the Glyph being wrong, as you assume), Judgement and Holy Shield. The ones you case every 6 seconds are Hammer of the Righteous and Shield of Righteousness. All you need to do now is alternate between a 9 second and a 6 second on loop until the boss is dead. The order in which you cast them doesn't matter that much as they all get equal uptime since it's rotating through them. Haid that, putting Holy Shield up as your first ability will allow you to get the most out of your shield blocks, meaning you gain the survivability aspect from the very start. Once you've gone through each ability, alternating a 9 and a 6 and a 9 and a 6 and so on you'll be "locked in" to 969 - ie. you'll just have to press the right buttons as and when they come off cooldown.

    With regard to Glyphs, I can only really guess since the Armory is having trouble but you definitely want Seal of Vengeance for the Expertise and Divine Plea for the flat 3% damage reduction. For your third, it's really either Judgement for threat or Righteous Defense to ensure your taunt won't miss. Glyph of Hand of Salvation is also a viable choice in some situations, but that's a more advanced use and would be risky when you're new and won't put out as much threat relative to the DPS in your group.

    For minors we don't really get much - take Glyph of Sense Undead for +1% damage against undead mobs (remember to turn on Sense Undead). This is very useful for Naxxramas and will likely become useful again for Icecrown Citadel when it's released. Glyph of Lay on Hands is also a good choice as it reduces the cooldown on your "oh crap, extra life button" which can save your life more often that you think. There is no real other choice to speak of - I take Blessing of Kings for the reduced mana cost in buffing my raid but really it doesn't matter.

    Anyway, I hope all this info helps - apologies for not being able to be more specific, but hopefully I can give you more once the Armory wakes up. Best of luck

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    Your current glyphs are fine. Personally I took HotR instead of Judgment.

    A few details about your gear: Libram of Sacred shield, strangely as it may seem, is worse than libram of obstruction. Obstruction has half the duration and more BV. You'd think that equalizes it but it doesn't: 10 seconds is almost always more time than what you'll take to judge again, giving it a really high uptime.
    Parry: It's DR curve is steeper than the others, and as such you want less parry than dodge/defense. Currently you have too much parry in comparison to the rest, generally you'll always have over twice as much dodge than parry.
    The trinkets I saw just won't work though. Haste and a lvl 60 trinket o.O

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    Aha, I said I'd come back and take a look once the Armory came back

    Your talents are fine, though I personally favour a 0/53/18 build - It's similar threat to SotP+Reckoning on some mob types, higher on others but, crucially, the mitigation benefit from Vindication and the utility of Persuit of Justice make going further into the Ret tree very attractive. Your build is perfectly fine, however - nothing there that I consider wasted.

    Your glyphs are all spot-on. Not sure if you've changed them since starting this thread but they're exactly the same as mine so I can't criticise :P

    In terms of your gear, you'll certainly want to focus on Dodge rather than Parry for some time to come. There is a crossover point where Parry becomes more avoidance per point than Dodge, but you're some way off yet.

    In terms of upgrades that should be reachable - the good news is that you can upgrade almost everything you have simply with Emblems of Conquest so I'd recommend running Heroics as often as you can find groups (make sure to do the Daily Heroic for Triumph Badges for the latest gear and the Daily Normal to get an extra Conquest badge) with as many raids as you can get into in the meantime.

    With Conquest badges you could upgrade:

    Helm to Tier 8.5 226-level (58 badges)
    Necklace to 226-level (19 badges)
    Shoulders to Tier 7.5 213-level (60 badges)
    Cloak to 213-level (25 badges)
    Chest to Tier 8.5 226-level (58 badges)
    Gloves to 226-level (28 badges)
    Belt to 226-level (28 badges)
    Legs to 226-level (39 badges)
    Boots to 213-level (40 badges)
    1x Ring to 213-level (25 badges)
    1x Trinket to 200-level (40 badges)

    That's a grand total of 420 badges, however I wouldn't anticipate you'll need to gather that many as you'll be getting upgrades from Raids as you progress as well. Worst case scenario though and you get no drops ever from anything (how I feel sometimes, heh). It's not realistic to assume you'd every single Heroic every single day so let's say you did four on average. Depending on the instance that'd get you around 15 badges per day.

    Let's say you also did a partial run of Naxx and a run of Obsidian Sanctum each week - you'd probably get an additional 12 badges or so from those two, depending on how much of Naxx you got done.

    If you get 15 badges on average per day from Heroics and another 12 or so from raids each week, that's around 117 badges per week - suddenly 420 doesn't seem so far off - not only can you be in full epics but you'll be easily geared enough to begin tanking Ulduar-10 inside of a month - quicker if you're able to do more Heroics per day, which is incredible really

    A couple of other quick suggestions though before I finish up - run UP each day for the Red Sword of Courage but also do the Argent Tournament Dailies and save up your Champion's Seals. You only need 25 seals (a couple of days of Dailies, plus ToC Heroic) to get Teldrassil Defender which is an equally-viable epic tanking weapon to RSoC - some people just never get lucky with the Red Sword so it'll be good to have other options.

    Finally begin working on your Sons of Hodir reputation (unlocked from a quest chain in Storm Peaks) as they sell the shoulder enchant that you'll want for much of your tanking career.

    It may sound like a mammoth undertaking and I know that as a tank the prospect of waiting and grinding for a month is horrible because you want to get up and tank right now. For what it's worth, I was in worse gear than you the first time I went to Naxx so don't let anyone tell you you have too many blues or not enough HP or whatever.

    Best of luck to you

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    Thanks very much to both of you for the advice, as I mentioned in my post I'm well aware of how shockingly bad my trinkets are, maybe it was a case of TLDR as that was the last thing I said.

    With regards to the Libram issue, having had a little time to read up on it from what I can see in most cases the Sacred Shield is better than obstruction except when you are tanking huge groups of mobs which is when obstruction becomes more valuable.

    Thanks Mert for all the incredible advice, I actually ended up part MT and part OT in a naxx10 run tonight instead of doing heroics (I MTd the bosses as warrior didn't know tactics, so he got a chance to watch how they should be tanked and he MTd the trash as his gear was better than mine and able to generate more threat). Ended up getting my Tier 7 Shoulders and Waistguard of the Tutor so am further on the way to gearing

    Tomorrow is going to be my trinket farming, I'll take a shot at AN hc, HoL normal and have a normal totc farming session.

    Only 5 substandard pieces left, shouldn't take long before I can MT naxx without any issues.

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