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Thread: Loosing HP really quick and all the time

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    Loosing HP really quick and all the time

    Hi, I have recently under a few cirumstances been told by healers in different instances that I am loosing way too much health, and way too fast.

    first I will link my wow-heroes since it has my tank gear on, and wowarmory my dps:
    WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings

    I am speced as frost in both tanking and dps, my first spec is tanking as you easiliy might notice.

    wowarmory for talents:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I have a good rotation for aoe tanking which is working quite well, my single target rotation needs some fixing but thats not the point now.

    I had trouble in adds on VoA 10 man, i could see on my milk scrolling thext ( i have left side to show me heals) and I was literally getting spam healed by the pally - I checkd if he was overhealing, and he wasn't - that was with a 2H tanking spec. I then respeced to Dual Wielding and had trouble yesterday even in Heroic Old Kingdom -= which ireally hate =- my health was also going down too fast.

    And it makes me wonder, a few months ago I was tanking and off tanking fine in certain Ulduar fights - Razorscale 25 (OT), Ignis 10 (MT).

    I have been off wow for a while and have only returned after patch 3.2, now a question that might make sence to it all: is frost tanking the old thing?
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