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Thread: What can I do for my dps

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    What can I do for my dps

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    What I am starting to find in my dps gear is that after much reading, am seeing not to so much worry about Hit rating as much as I have (current Fury @ 12.9% or so), and move some of that across to Strength/Crit

    My question is, what amount of hit should I keep, and what other items/enchants and whatnot can I change around to make it a more efficient killing machine

    Currently I sit anywhere between 2-3kdps with my current gear & the way its set up

    I'm thinking try to raise my AP a bit more, get it over 4k UB (its sitting under that atm)

    Any ideas?

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    According to wowwiki, a fury warrior with 3/3 precesion needs 164 hit rating to always hit a raid boss with a special attack.

    Hit rating above that will make your off-hand attack miss less often, but that's generally not worth it.

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    Yea I been reading all that sorta stuff, but I suppose u could call me a little careful in a way, lol, mainly due to the fact that hit is easy as to gain, and having been DW on my DK, knowing the importance what extra hit can do, means I just started transferring the extra hit i was getting for my DK to gearing my warrior

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    Some fury warriors like to keep their hit a bit above the specials cap in order to smooth rage generation a bit.

    To be honest, at your gear level there are probably more important things to worry about. Start replacing those blues, and perhaps reconsider your choice of 8 crit / 12 stam gems. I'd have thought a 8 str / 12 stam would be better to activate your meta gem.
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    yeah I was going to go for those, but at the time I was looking for *A* gem which would give me it while I continued instancing and whatnot

    So would you think it reasonable if I say keep hit @ no less than 10%, so I can gem around that for extra Strength?

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