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Thread: Armsman or not Armsman, that is the question.

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    Armsman or not Armsman, that is the question.

    Hi Guys

    What do you think, Armsman or not Armsman that is the question?

    I donít seem to have any major issues with threat, only on the odd occasion when dpsers donít go for marked targets first etc.

    I pretty got my pull rotation down, and even after the first few seconds when all runes are dead, I still can pick up where I left off.

    The issues I have had recently, is survivability, now I have put this down to a few things.

    1. Due to my time constrates, Iíve not been able to play much with a full guild, i.e. the guild healers. When playing with the guild healers I donít really ever watch my health, as I know they will prop me up, itís just a 2nd nature thing.

    2. A lot of the healers that I have been running with lately, certainly donít know how to play there class. What I mean is they have a few tier badge items, along blues etc, and I feel they are trying to heal instances that are way above there station and class knowledge.

    Iím all for the badge system for the casual player, but it also can be a disaster in pugs raid, but thatís a different story.

    So back to my question, do I dump armsman in fav of extra stam or agility? Also going to replace the yellow gem in the shoulders, the next time I logon.

    I probably going to replace the yellow gem in the shoulders next time I login. Also the talent spec in the armory is probably defaulting to my DW forst, which is not my main spec, it was something i was setting up last night before loggin.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    any advice would be great



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    I replaced Armsman in favour of +18stam. The only time I've been in a situation where DPS was riding my threat was Vezax with one healer down and having to time my Death Strikes. It depends on your gear and the gear of your dps though.

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    Armsman is the best threat enchant, and if you don't need the threat, it's a meager avoidance enchant. The Agility enchant is almost identical (maybe 0.02% more) avoidance after the latest changes in 3.2, but also gives the small bump to armor and crit. Stamina is always there to give your healers the better buffer (albeit small), but keep in mind it is the only enchant that will also be of use when Magic damage comes into play.

    Since you've said threat is pretty much a non-issue, you need to make the decision if you need the ~0.16% (give or take 0.02%) avoidance from Armsman or Agility, or the small buffer 18 stamina will give you
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    Well to me the 2% threat and 10 parry don't outweigh the stats you get from the other enchants. Is the dodge/armor/crit from AGI more important or is the 20 Hp's (w/kings) that you are gonna get from armor kit going to more benificial to you.

    I'd say go stam. Its a constant stat. If you don't need the treat go for it.
    As for DPS'rs pulling the wrong target, don't they always...lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasey View Post
    Is the dodge/armor/crit from AGI more important or is the 20 Hp's (w/kings)
    I think you mean 200, and it's a little more than that with Frost presence and VotTW if you are blood. It may seem a small amount, but it adds up.

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    As per most of the figures here its all very low it's not make or break stuff it's one of those feel free to enchant as you feel comfortable slots.
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